Albright’s toxic archives #47 AW sank my battleship

I can’t believe I have only just come across this one.

I have outlined the disastrous Albright and Wilson factory at Portishead in THIS POST.

The decommissioning of this site resulted in AW being prosecuted for enriching radioactive phosphorus, and admitted five offences under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and yet the serial liar PR man Peter Bloore failed to mention this in a future Albright World piece. In 1990, a major fire saw many barrels of p4 going up in smoke. Clearly, the place was a doomed operation in production and in dismantling.

I have looked at the decommissioning operation of the zoned areas of the site in an FOI response request HERE. 

A Bristol Evening Post article of 16th May 1997 however reveals a new off site threat that came from this factory and its activities. At this time, the plant was being decommissioned according to the reports received during the FOI request. This obviously was both a failure of the company and those carrying out the works, including their consultants who were shite.  At the same time as this work was ongoing a former Royal Navy Yacht, the history of which I will look at further on in this post was being converted into a rich man’s plaything. However, workers on the vessel were complaining of being burnt and also that the fibre glass hull was being damaged by chemicals from the AW factory.

The millionaire owner , unnamed, was considering taking legal action against the polluters!

It is revealed in further columns that the former HMS TENACITY had been hit by escapes of phosphorus, though I suspect this was a mixture of phosphorus vapour and phosphorus pentoxide.

It is typical that AW refer to the size of the emission rather than the fact they should not have released anything off site at all. I have course had this same bullshit from their management regards the “small amounts ” of P4 that were in rattlechain lagoon, that were also “small amounts” found in the birds poisoned by their fucking chemical within that. They lie with a straight face and a “grin” of a horny nun below the cassock.

I suspect that this factory operated in exactly the same way as at Oldbury at this time in that as an EA report in 1997 noted,  senior manager’s bonusses were linked to environmental performances. If you could pin the blame on weather, acts of God, or anything then they would try it on. You could also of course be rewarded for attempting to cover them up.

A reminder of how they had failed to stop phosphorus escaping off site before.

The following year, and still during the life of the decommissioning works, the Clevedon Mercury article of 23rd July 1998 told that the conversion of the yacht had been put off altogether and the ship was now to be scrapped!


This vessel was built in Portsmouth by Vosper Thorneycroft in 1969. It was an experimental fast patrol boat which eventually was taken on by the Royal Navy three years later. There is more on its history HERE. A piece in The Dover Express dated 2nd August 1974 shows it in its prime billed as “the fastest ship in The Royal Navy”. At this point it was based in Dover. There is also some irony that the vessel was used for “fisheries protection” duties. Albright and Wilson of course were adapt at poisoning fish around this time with white phosphorus in their doomed Long Harbour Venture. 

There has to be a great deal of irony in all of these connections.

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So another unmandated tenure of a position that no tax payer ever voted for is to take place in just a few days time. No one ever voted to create The West Midlands Combined Authority and the gravy train for the political class and their civil service stooges.


The incumbent mayor Andy Street is a regional joke. At every conceivable opportunity he is there, usually donning his custom hard hat and waving an arm in a passionate fit like a semi hard on trying to hulk up. You can see the comedy likeness potential of Charles Hawtrey and The Wealdstone Raider, and it is these comments that usually dominate social media whenever a new Street photo pops up.

Let’s be clear, this is not a personal attack, Street was a successful businessman who worked his way up through a certain company, but that is where it should have ended. We do not need an industrialist, a philanthropist or a rich man who owns multiple houses telling us what to do, making pointless soundbites and steering us towards an authoritarian tomorrow like the ghastly little London goblin Khant.

We do not need regional mayors, police and crime commissioners or any other figurehead based on some Yank big idea. Too much power is at stake here, and the political class already have too much of that when our freedoms become ever more restricted because of their actions leading us to wars, “pandemic” hoaxes, 15 minute cities, and unrestricted immigration which is clearly destroying the fabric of our society.

If you cannot speak the language of a country before you arrive there to stay indefinitely, you are not welcome here; on a boat, in a plane or by any other means. Our country is full, The West Midlands is full and yet the rampant house building agenda of Street and the other would be candidates let’s face it is to house even more of this fucking leaching scum. Enough! They however, our “leaders”, flee the West Midlands to places like Malvern, The Derbyshire Dales or Herefordshire like white flight doves seeking greener pastures.

Street’s big idea- the “brownfield first” agenda is an Armageddon for those who live in large towns which will grow beyond their capacity, and they already are. Remember West Bromwich Town centre- The “Golden Mile”?- look at what it is today, and look at the soiled faces of those who pound the streets there. It has become a no go shit hole, a college that breeds feral vermin and gangs that stab one another- a place to be avoided, and yet this dead duck Government, its vacating MP, and Street believes that pouring more money into it will make it a better place. You could not be more wrong, and derided politicians of the past are being proved more right every day. 😉

Street sucks up to business and offers no criticism of the most vile of the bunch Severn Trent Water. These Coventry cunts have systematically polluted our rivers and pools across the West Midlands, their staff and CEO lie, and yet they were rewarded with promotion during the ghastly Birmingham Commonwealth Games, and have been let off the hook by the Tories on every occasion for their sewage pollution discharges. Only re-nationalising the water industry will stop this, and stop their land banking scam from continuing- very much a part of Street’s brownfield first agenda.

The number of companies registered in tax evasion scum holes like Jersey is off the scale, and a part of the land banking corrupt fraud that money from Government is rewarding. The “levelling up” scam is a concave hole being dug sideways and backfilled with foundry sand and whatever other crap can be found. If we get four more years of this man, I doubt we will have any green spaces left in The Black Country, except pockets in Dudley and Walsall where his blue mates hang on to their voting fan club like turds in a dry well. Fuck their “precious greenbelt”, Crooked house restoration nonsense and other gimmick playing to the gallery white middle class middle-aged nonsense.

But is Labour the answer? The answer is NO. The other 4 candidates have no chance of winning and are wasting their time. Richard Parker is another man with glasses businessman who makes the extraordinary and so far not fact checked boasts of bringing £1 billion into the West Midlands. I do not believe the claim in his literature at all, but have not seen anyone ask him to prove the boast- well I open it up to him here. Give me a breakdown please of this figure and WHO it has benefitted, and not what companies it has benefitted which are two very different things.

What prosperity has he brought with this money when you look at areas within Birmingham and beyond? Why do Labour talk of regeneration like their opposite numbers as though they have never been in power, when we know what a fucking shit show they made before in Government when there was “no money left”. Labour are now tentatively using The Union Flag in their literature making them look more like a BNP advent calendar where a would be candidate lurks behind the flag turn of an A5 leaflet. It is a cynical stunt, but easy to spot, just don’t be fooled by it- just like Blair’s New Labour of Old.

No, we do not need Parker or Street, or a Chief Commissioner Gordon to manage a bunch of woke prancing coppers scouring social media to nab some ne’er-do-well as the murderers, rapists and thieves get off scot free by becoming “women” with dicks . If they were big enough, they would put a “none of the below” on the ballot paper or hold a referendum on the Position to be scrapped- unlike they did when the position was created. But they won’t because they are politicians, and all politicians are cowards, hiding behind words, party brand manipulation , soundbites and ultimately the pigs in uniforms who guard them passing laws to be upheld that make our lives increasingly authoritarian and less able to criticise the misery that they cause.

But I do urge people to spoil their vote and make it a referendum on scrapping this post. It is after all the only message that can be sent in an undemocratic system. 


Oldbury’s acid bath lake 3- Emergency exit bail out required!




This third and final part of the former Accles and Pollock lagoon site shows how money in the modern age drives bent planning applications turning acid bath lakes into an ambulance base. It again shows how private land, left abandoned and derelict is suddenly brought “back into use” through the public purse , and not by the scum who left it in that state. The politicians who enable this, principally in this case Andy Street’s West Midlands Combined Authority are very much a part of the problem and complicit in allowing tax dodging fake companies to gain at the tax payers loss.

Explain Bbc GIF by Line of Duty - Find & Share on GIPHY

Part 1 of the story concerns the former Accles and Pollack history of waste disposal.

Part 2 describes the Mintworth legacy of foundry sand infilling, a mound to rival their other two abandoned and directionless over tipped sandcastle sites at Coneygree and The Former Duport’s Tip.

The “Cleeve Investments” scam land banking company. 

As a reminder, the two principle planning applications with the infilling of the lagoon with unspecified “inert materials” were

DC/04/42934 Infill of lagoon with inert material.

And  DC/10/52117 Variation of condition 18 of planning permission DC/04/42934 (Infill of lagoon with inert materials) to allow for the temporary raising of the approved levels so that on the land additional fill can be placed to surcharge the infill material to achieve sufficient bearing capacity.

As with the dodgy W H keys site in West Bromwich, Bache Treharne were involved yet again with selling this crap on. 

It is interesting to note that in correspondence form B submitted with the 2004 application, the owners of the site are listed as “CLEEVE INVESTMENTS LIMITED”– a company incorporated in Jersey and the address appears as suchBut who exactly were their directors? 

What is not clear to me at this time is how the process of sale was handled, but land registry documents show that Cleeve Investments Limited officially owned the freehold interest in the site from 10/9/2003. The company address handling their activities is Gateley LLP located in Manchester.

The Jersey company were set up, obviously for the sole purpose of this transaction in January of the same year.

From land registry title WM642888

It is noted “(09.01.2015) The proprietor’s address for service has been changed.” There is no change of physical address filed at companies house however from Jersey to the UK in regard to Cleeve Investments Limited. 

A list of lenders, who we will get to in a minute

As the operations by Mintworth at Coneygree and in the Duport’s Tip/Rattlechain area were coming to an end, another Jersey registered company called “Denver Limited” was set up. Please note the address of this company, as well as a certain same law firm who operate for Cleeve Investments Limited in the UK. This is obviously no fucking coincidence at work here.

A UK Cleeve Investments Limited however, company number 00171213 is registered with Companies House being dissolved on 3rd October 2023 but were based in North Somerset. In their accounts, there is no mention of where they are based until a point appears to be made in the 2016 accounts- noted before they started to tap for state aid.

“Domiciled in the UK”

The main players here were as follows. The age of 1920 is no doubt a red herring and a pick up transfer of an old company bought and given a new name.

Bbc One Ted Hastings GIF by Line of Duty - Find & Share on GIPHY

Jesus, Mary, the wee Donkey and the Wise Men’s wrapping paper, what is the crack here? This is not the first time that an apparent clone company exists in the tax haven and another appears in the UK for matters of transferring derelict land into housing schemes. 

It is not the first charge against them, as the land registry document shows, and the complex web of aliases, dissolved companies and Channel Island entities continue apace.

Does not say who the lenders were

6 (28.02.2011) Proprietor: PAUL ANDREW TAYLOR, DILYS TAYLOR, JOHN BRENDAN KERIN and CHRISTINA KERIN of 45 Anstruther Road, Birmingham B15 3NW.

7 (05.05.2009) By a Deed dated 19 February 2009 made between (1) Apollo Sports Holdings Limited (2) John Russell and Allan Cooper and (3) Pulver Limited the covenants contained in a Deed of Covenant dated 19 June 2003 made between (1) Cleeve Investments Limited and (2)Apollo Sports Holdings Limited were assigned.

“Pulver Limited” was dissolved on 23/4/2014. The main man here appears to be Paul Andrew Taylor- named on the lender list from 2018, but at Pulver being Chief Executive, secretary, and also consultant- what a talented man!


Another Pulver man on the lender list to Cleeve from 2018

I take it that the two other females on the list are spouses of the above?

Also on the file at Companies House is the 2018 charge involving Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council which can be read below. I wanted  to know why this authority were involved in such affairs in another neighbouring borough involving private land?

Here is the document PDF confirming

companies_house_document (6)

At this point in time when this document was signed , 20th April 2018 and wikipedia is my friend, we see this swing Labour/Con authority was not under the control of The Walsall Penguin, Mike Bird, but the Willenhall Paedophile Sean Coughlan. 

We also see that this legal document putting Walsall tax payers at financial risk was not even signed by any directors of the phantom Cleeve, but by yet another proxy in the form of Hawksford, who are surprise surprise registered at the same address in Jersey as “Cleeve Investments Limited”. Even this identity is not transparent with the names “Hawksford Director 1 Limited ” and “Hawksford Director 2 Limited”

The two signatories on this deed, Sian Huish and James Howe are easier to trace however appearing to flit back and forth between the UK and The Channel islands.

On their website, Hawksford describe themselves as

“Hawksford is an international provider of Corporate, Private Client and Fund services. We enable our clients to realise potential and maximise opportunities. We deliver value for our clients by anticipating their needs and thinking beyond tomorrow.”

I bet they do, and this may all be legal, but it is I am afraid all that is wrong with this world, morally bankrupt and something the super rich are able to do to hide their money whilst not paying their way.


I decided to tap WMBC to see what their story was in relation to this dodgy deal and the registered charge, not to be confused with the sex offenders register charge of which the former online kiddy fiddler leader is now no doubt on. 😛 😛

Loan made by council to private company registered in Jersey – a Freedom of Information request to Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council – WhatDoTheyKnow

“On 20th April 2018, your council gave the following charge code
0017 1213 0002 for private land held by a Jersey Registered company “Cleeve Investments Limited” in Sandwell- “Land on the north side of shidas lane, oldbury and registered at the land registry under title numbers WM642888 and WM688412.”…

This company however were also registered in the UK as CLEEVE INVESTMENTS LIMITED Company number 00171213 and were dissolved on 3rd October 2023.

(i) please provide the grant agreement between the council and this private company and the value of the loan mentioned in the MR01 form. (This is the one referred to in the charge below).

(ii) At what level within the council, by whose authority and at what meeting was this loan agreed and validated- please provide details.
(iii) What was Walsall council’s interest in this private land in another borough and why was the loan made using tax payers money?

Walsall came back with some surprising information , which drops others further into the frame as to what was going on with our money being used for monopoly speculation.

(i) “Please note this wasn’t a loan, it was a grant award of £116,719 from the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership (“BC LEP”) through a competitive application to Stoford Properties Ltd. As the BC LEP’s Accountable Body Walsall Council entered into a grant agreement with Stoford Properties and Cleeve Investments Ltd.  Please note Cleeve
Investments Ltd were included as a signatory to this agreement as they provided the underwriting for the grant through a 1st legal charge on land at WM642888 and WM688412.

 In summary, Stoford was the Grantee, First legal charge was negotiated
with Cleeve Investments Ltd,The project site land is the same land over
which we had a legal charge, and we gave the grant to Stoford to carry out
Site Investigation on Cleeve Investments Limited land.”

As far as I am concerned, this is a matter of pure semantics here, “grant”, “legal charge” “loan” all the same, not their money but ours to give out, but not it seems paid back. If Stoford wanted to pursue this matter, on behalf of their highly dubious client then they should have provided the funds themselves.

(ii) As per above this was a grant award made by the BC LEP and authorised by the Black Country Joint Committee,  see attached minutes…

The second link provided here is a dead one as you will see, but I have found this, see further below.


The first one provides some very interesting information about the players making decisions at the BC LEP- a purely unelected quango, just as the former Black Country Development Corporation had been- and there is little doubt that this is just the bastard son of that corrupt organisation.

We see here that three Labour councillors , Eling from Sandwell, paedo from Walsall, and a sub , Bilson from Wolverhampton had voting rights. Also here are several senior officers, including the disgraced former Sandwell CEO Jan Britton.


We learn that this approval had been delayed because of Stoford’s unwillingness to put up their own money if things went tits up and they had to pay back the “grant”.

This also confirms what I had already discovered from an earlier source where the also disgraced Nick Bubalo of SMBC, (involved in the sale of several pieces of land in the borough below price made to a former councillor’s son), had presented a report in the time frame specified.

 “The Black Country Executive Joint Committee” of key decisions show that  approval was given for funding of a scheme in at least 2015,  and subsequently amended in 2019 with the entity known as “Stoford Properties Limited”- who are again not the owners of this site.

I am afraid that such “commercially sensitive information” to me smacks of covering up a bent deal, and we have also seen this with the Lion Farm Fields situation not a million miles away.

At minute 20, we learn that a delegated decision was made in respect of this loan, by therefore not even an elected person, namely Simon Neilson of Walsall Council. Neilson had been at Essex before Walsall and has since moved on again.


The 2019 minutes show that voting members were now Zada from Dudley, Khatun from Sandwell as a sub, Walsall penguin, now leader of the council again, and Bilson as sub from Wolvo.

At Decision 19/006 we see Alison knight of Sandwell council apparently now acting as an agent for Stoford, and therefore the owners of the site to back more funding for locating mine shafts and remediation works. I thought HER job was to work for Sandwell council taxpayers, not fucking private land owners! Knight is not a medical doctor but has a PhD in education.

Again this is confirmed in the source below.

(iii) “Walsall Council managed Black Country wide grant funds on behalf of the BC LEP which is why their interest was outside of Walsall’s  borough and part of Sandwell’s borough.   Walsall Council’s interest in this private land was in the form of a first legal charge to protect grants funds awarded the grantee should they not deliver their contractual obligations.”

In terms of the site itself, the journey of the abandoned site continues via Google imagery from above.

By 2013, it was visibly starting to spring up greenery between the industrial units on the estate, just as had happened at the Former Duport’s Tip, save for the tatter operation for metal , and the Coneygree site in Tipton.

Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 6/2013

This appeared to continue with all trace of the former lagoon now gone, except the former deep water signs on the perimeter of the site.

Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 4/2016


Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 3/2017

For some unknown reason, but now perhaps we know why given the Sandwell officers and councillors involved with the decision making process, this privately owned site was being touted by Sandwell council itself around this time via a “think Sandwell” moniker. I would again ask WHY? What business is it of the tax payer funded authority to promote privately owned land that has never belonged to Sandwell Council, and worse registered and owned by a highly dubious “company” based in a tax haven? This stinks Sandwell! See link below. 


Why are the council asking for interested parties to contact them?

Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 4/2018


Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 5/2019


 Further to this, it appears that Street’s WMCA gave permission and sanction to this approval, with Councillor Mike Bird, leader of Walsall MBC at this meeting, (and Cllr Sleigh from Solihull in the chair). Should he and Walsall council be involved for anything related to this scheme when they were a key lender in getting it off the ground or to fledge if you’ll excuse the avian Walsall connection pun?

Agenda for Investment Board on Monday 11th November 2019, 10.00 am :WMCA

Minute 70 states the following, and at this point there was not even an agreement as to what this would even fund, FFS! 


Why were “Cleeve Investments limited” not funding any remediation of their owned site? Not only do we not have an answer to this question from this closed shop political actor meeting, but also the land banking going on here is also covered up by the means stated below.

Furthermore, perhaps we could have some clear investigation as to who “Cleeve Investments Limited” were/are and who their directors were/are in both the UK and Jersey,  if they are of “reputable quality” which Street claimed was a necessity at the Ask Andy event when I questioned him about such deals for the land remediation fund and why it appears that tax payer cash was being used to fund their development site? WHY DID THEY NOT PAY FOR THIS THEMSELVES FROM THE JERSEY BOLTHOLE? 

What Andy Said in 2017

“Well, definitely polluted land is perhaps the important part of this. It’s my assumption of what you’re talking about here is the land remediation fund- which is designed specifically to deal with heavily polluted land, and again that is something that I am a strong believer in , that we have to bring that land back into use so that’s my guess what that is about.

Now any allocation of funding from that fund, we’ve been very clear; we’ve set the criteria for how it will be judged so no-one can say afterwards about the combined authority “you’ve inappropriately spent this.”

..and so any application would have to be measured against all of those criteria to find suitable value for money, and actually to know that the developer is of reputable quality.”

 On this matter I put in the following to the WMCA via an FOI request. 

Shidas Lane site remediation fund for tax haven company owned site – a Freedom of Information request to West Midlands Combined Authority – WhatDoTheyKnow

“Dear West Midlands Combined Authority,

Land registry documents for titles WM642888 Land lying to the North side of Shidas Lane Oldbury and WM688412 show that this site is owned and has been since 10/9/2003 by a firm known as “Cleeve Investments Limited” registered in Jersey on 17/1/2003. This site was a former historic landfill site containing an infilled former Accles and Pollock acid waste lagoon, with “inert materials”, to which no one appears to know of what type- least of all in any planning applications associated with the site.

I refer to the following link

Agenda for Investment Board on Monday 11th November 2019, 10.00 am :WMCA…

At minute 70.
Proposed Investment at Shidas Lane, Oldbury (Stoford Properties Ltd.) it is stated that “West Midlands Development Capital presented a report that sought grant funding from the WMCA’s Brownfield Land Property Development Fund to fund remediate the ground conditions at the property to deliver either a 115,000 square foot industrial unit (Option A) or, a 55,000 square foot purpose built Ambulance Hub (Option B); the scheme which would be delivered would be dependent on progress made with the pre-let of the Ambulance Hub and if not success, then the industrial unit would be built speculatively.

Resolved: That a maximum allocation of grant funding as set out in the report from the Brownfield Land and Property Development Fund to fund remediation costs at Shidas Lagoon, Rounds Green Road, Oldbury to deliver the development at the site, as referred to above, subject to the conditions detailed in the report be approved.”

(i)Please supply this report presented at this meeting in full.
(ii) Disclose how much public money from the remediation fund was approved for this Jersey owned site, (noting WMCA Mayor Andy Street’s previous outspoken comments concerning funding for tax haven registered companies).
(iii) Disclose if “Cleeve Investments Limited” were involved in anyway with this application.
(iv)Please provide the application for funding for this site, from WMCA’s Brownfield Land & Property Development Fund.
(v)Please provide the WMCA’s approved assurance framework for this type of funding.”

The WMCA originally refused to answer the request on parts 1 and 4 spouting rubbish exemptions about commercial confidentiality. 

They did however answer question (ii) “The maximum grant allocation is £3.45m. Development is subject to monitoring by independent quantity surveyors, and subject to clawback on non-delivery and excess profit.”

and for (iii) “Cleeve Investments Limited were not involved in the application for funding. The application was from Stoford Properties Ltd.”

I will look at this surrogate further in this post.

For part (v) Grant funding is assessed through the WMCA Single Commissioning Framework.
“Details can be found at:
Funding must be approved by the WMCA Investment Board who report to the full
WMCA Board.”

This is a dead link and hardly gives much assurance that this is above board if you’ll excuse the pun. Quite frankly, and board that consists of political figures making such decisions is bent to start with. 

I obviously contested the refusal of the key information, but the WMCA would not budge and failed to conduct an internal review, at which point I contacted the ICO.

The ICO Decision notice below gave WMCA 10 days to conduct a review, which they also failed to do!


They appear to be a failed authority as evidenced by other requests made and not answered on the What Do They Know website- again hardly the candour and pretence of Andy Street’s persona about being open and transparent about matters of funding.

When they eventually responded, it was another pile of waffle hiding figures and private meetings with select individuals which is corruption in essence as far as I am concerned. This is a body handling public money, and yet private actors can claim this money for their schemes in some dragons den type scenario which is fully out of the public gaze, and more likely decided down the lodge with a funny handshake. It’s just a question of Who’s the caddy or “H”. 😆

I was however given the report presented to the Investment Board on
Monday 11th November 2019. which can be read HERE, although there were key financial redactions within this.

Most notably however it is revealed that this report recommended to “Approve a maximum grant of £3.45m to fund the remediation costs at the property in order to deliver the Development.”


There are some very interesting observations in this, notably the absolute bullshit infilling operation conducted by Mintworth, which is of course little surprise given their track record of such, as well as their joke go to consultants on such matters, who are in my opinion, not a credible outfit to make such ludicrous claims of viability about unstable land. And yet of course, Sandwell council planners have been validating of their pointless end planning applications for the means of obtaining money for dumping waste into vacant holes for years- only to end up with “financially unviable” results. Duport’s Tip, Coneygree, Shidas Lane- What a bunch of either thick or crooked berks they were for doing so over a substantial period of time!

“….it has proved to be unsuitable for built development due to
untreated mineshafts, excess surcharge material on the site and general poor ground loading conditions requiring piled foundation solutions. The above issues rendering the
site financially unviable.”

A far cry from what was claimed when the infilling operations were approved by Sandwell planners.

Of course, the site owners Cleeve Investments Limited were fully complicit with this farce, and so why should their poor financial and private venture be bailed out with money from the public purse? This whole grant was applied for “to fund the viability gap caused by the high remediation costs on the Property.”

Stoford Properties- who are they and what is their relationship with Cleeve Investments? 

Stoford Properties are introduced as “a well-known experienced local developer in re-generating 7 acres of vacant brownfield land in a well-located area of the West Midlands.”

This does not however explain the credentials of the Cleeve Investments owner who are on the charge.

The Company (Stoford) have entered into a conditional contract with the current owners of the Property (Cleeve Investments limited( to purchase for c. £ REDACTED  per acre which is considered low in the current market. This price reflects the issues on the site and also the time taken to get all the ground investigation to a level where a suitable structural and remediation strategy could be considered.”

In other words, this was a private deal between two companies, one that had perhaps very naively purchased shit land which was shit infilled and left totally useless at the end of it. This was their problem, and not one for anyone else to get involved in- certainly not using public money.

Stoford are basically there to bail out shit investors of land banking. The two options are a smokescreen. The first is a ruse, and it is quite clear that the ambulance base “Option B” is the one that is going to be pursued. It’s only a surprise to me that West Midlands Police were not a third option given the number of #bentcoppers in the Sandwell area.

A new base for the der ders

Not sure why they tried to blank pout “OVER THE HURDLE RATE”- just makes it seem even more unseemly!

The “forward funder” was obviously Walsall Council

There is then a piece of spunk trumpeting of Stoford, founded in 1996 ,and nothing on Cleeve Investments and their track record of who they are. However

“The Company have a conditional contract to acquire the site from the current landowner Cleeve Investments Ltd with exclusivity held.”

Detailed Sladen Associates report- wow that must have been a professional job LOL.

We finally learn here, and without mentioning skintworth, that the “inert material” filling this lagoon site was building site soil dross from across the region. I wonder from how many other Mintworth over-tipped locations? 😛

Obviously approval for this was given by those at the meeting on 11/11/2019, including Mike Bird of Walsall council who would be the lender. At the site itself, despite not knowing allegedly which option was to proceed, the following hoarding appeared advertising this land bearing the Stoford logo.


The planning application was a mere formality wave through without any scrutiny as to the former players involved in this site.

DC/20/65084 “Proposed three storey building for West Midlands Ambulance Service, including offices, call centre, storage, training, multi storey car park, boundary fencing with gates and access” ,

Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 3/2020

Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 4/2020

Shidas Lagoon Google Earth 4/2021

And so once again, the greened over patch began to become barren again.

Work noted to be taking place with tree felling on 2/4/2021

I Wrote to Andy Street in relation to this matter seeking answers that were not forthcoming in the FOI request and response to which I received this rather pathetic response from one of his agents and not the coward of a man himself.

In line with the decision by WMCA’s Investment Board in November 2019, the WMCA investment agreed for the land at Shidas Lane was provided to remediate the ground conditions so that the site could be used as a purpose-built ambulance hub or industrial unit.  Work has since started on the development of the ambulance hub.  Redevelopment of the site is in line with WMCA’s ‘brownfield first’ policy ensuring that sites like these are brought back into productive use, reducing the loss of greenfield land.  The application for funding, from WMCA’s Brownfield Land & Property Development Fund, was submitted and processed in line with WMCA’s approved assurance framework.  All planning matters were dealt with by Sandwell Council.”


Sandwell council, whom I copied into the email and response had this to say via then leader Ragbir Singh

….Sandwell are unable to comment further as the issue of funding the reclamation was not directly a Council matter.

The Council, as local planning authority, did receive an application on behalf of West Midlands Ambulance Service for the construction of a new building near to the junction of Shidas Lane with Rounds Green Road. As part of this process, amongst the many supporting documents accompanying the application, the applicants submitted a site contamination investigation and a ground bearing structure report. This information was passed to other agencies as part of the usual consultation process which included the Council’s Public Health team and the Coal Authority. Ultimately, no objections were received and the application was approved on 31st March 2021.”

This response is a pure lie. Sandwell council were an integral part of the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership. The fact that several individuals from Sandwell council, including the former then leader Steve Eling, (with voting rights),  as well as  former CEO Jan Britton were at the meeting which approved funding AT FUCKING SANDWELL COUNCIL HOUSE appears to have gone out of mind.

It was also around this time that certain political heavy weights within Sandwell Labour even put their faces to this.

Not enough “due diligence” into what grant schemes you are backing.

So there you have it, a buck passing exercise where politicians (of all sides, because let’s face it there is no difference), and their civil servants dole out tax payer cash to fund private enterprise of dodgy sand filled contaminated holes left abandoned by a well connected bust former industrial polluter. A web of alias companies then feast on the corpse and concoct a web of gaining money from the public purse under the pretence of “levelling up”.  This is what you are voting for with Andy Street and his Combined Authority, and in that regard it is time that the WMCA was scrapped. 

Cant Trust Them Bbc GIF by Line of Duty - Find & Share on GIPHY



Except with fucking sand

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Rattlechain lagoon floating migrant motel- plans lodged

It was today revealed that a new floating migrant motel would be situated at a troubled landfill site in Tividale.

Plans submitted by Jersey registered Swinger Homes Limited to Sandwell Council would see a barge known affectionately as “The Babby Copenhagen” erected at the toxic waste lagoon owned by Rhodia UK Limited. The pink hull clad motel would have 100 rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and would also include two shisha lounges, prayer rooms, a fully equipped spa and manicure complex, heated indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and a mini golf course. There would be parking spaces for 20 camels and five goats and the scheme would create 40 jobs .

Speaking today, West Midland’s Mayor Andy Street welcomed the plans as being “vital to the cultural enrichment of the Tividale and Tipton areas”. He said “these inclusive plans using Garden City principles are another example of using brownfield land first to protect our precious green belt, and it helps contribute to the Government’s aim of moving migrants around the country to ease pressure on the South of England.”

A spokesperson for Rhodia commented “I’m sure that local people would welcome this application with open arms.” In a report to the council’s planning committee the officer’s report states, “It’s a crap site for residential, but who else would want to live here?”

An artist impression of how the floating motel would look at the lagoon.

Bound for Babby

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Millpool West Bromwich#4 MARred by historic pollution and fake “clean up” – Part 2



The heavily polluted Millpool

In the preceding three posts, I have discussed the historic legacy of the polluting and incompetently run W H Keys factory specialising in bitumen based products. I have shown how this company imploded and the heavily contaminated site was taken on by administrators who then sold it to Developer Mar City Developments. 

Whilst the very grey area between their acquisition of the site and their application for a change of use from industrial to residential was submitted, in early to mid 2006 it was noted that serious contamination into the Millpool via the Hobnail Brook pathway was occurring.

This was as I would later find out via the FOI request to the Environment Agency, an issue which had happened before, being conclusively traced to the factory on the hill with swans and other birds being covered in pollution needing to be rescued.

All had been well at the site in terms of this, and for a number of years, a pair of swans had attempted to nest on the millpool, only thwarted by the rise in water levels during heavy rain which washes surface water through at a rapid rate via the brook and exits via the outfall into a continuation of the culverted brook and into The River Tame.

To counter this, swanwatch put in place a nesting raft on the pool in 2001. At this stage the pool was accessible by boat and the silt levels were not as they presently are, indicating that a great deal of material must have migrated into the pool towards the middle of the decade.

Some success followed for this pair and one year they had 6 cygnets without issue.

Tragedy struck however with the female swan looking ill in August 2005. On attempting to rescue her, she unfortunately died. I was in contact with top avian vet Martin Brown from Slimbridge, who agreed to undertake a post mortem, and the results show cause for concern with regards to Millpool.

I knew that this swan had not ever ventured far from the site in around 5 years of being there. She was therefore very parochial to this site and its contents in the silt and water.

The post mortem revealed no foul play. The swan had been in good condition and had a good weight. There was however a large tumour present in the left lung which had been bleeding. Some metallic fragments thought to be aluminium were present.

Now that I am aware of what W H Keys were producing on their site, I would like to point out some of the statements made in the safety data sheets for the three COMAH chemicals for which they were regulated. It is worth pointing out however that there had been extensive contamination of ground and groundwater for decades at this site, all flowing into the silty millpool of fluctuating levels, making this pool contaminated itself by definition as the only unculverted receptacle of the Hobnail Brook.

orthocresolphenolmix SDS

This chemical causes tumour production

It sinks in water, if it enters soil it is mobile and may contaminate groundwater, yet is evanescent meaning that if an EA officer were to receive a report of unidentified “water pollution”- what chance of even identifying the substance days later?

The COMAH chemicals below are also extremely hazardous in the environment, but also can be short lived to trace.

cresylic acid SDS


Her mate found a new partner fairly quickly and in 2006 they attempted to nest in the reeds near to the raft we had put out. It was at the start of nesting around March/April that things began to go wrong.

The male swan began to be covered in a greasy material that affected waterproofing meaning that he was unable to stay in the water due to his feathers becoming severely matted.

What was apparent was the black/yellowish mixture pouring out of the culvert on the millpool from the Hobnail Brook. Of course with the brook being buried, this was the first visible view of what was coming down here. The following pictures although of not great polaroid quality do show the issue. The boom was placed by the EA, though with heavy rain, as seen in previous pollution issues, this had little to no real effect of preventing pollution. One EA officer who attended claimed that it looked like “white spirit”.


The male swan was admitted to Wychbold swan rescue, as other swans had been in the previous incidents. Whilst his mate was still on the nest, you can see the effects on the feathers. Once cleaned up, he was put back, only for the same to have to happen again!


Swan on nest in the reeds, surrounded by disgusting oily pollution.

The environment agency were utterly useless. Of particular note was one Jim Woodhall, pollution control officer, and also I believe ex of the Walsall council Hazardous waste unit. This was the same bloke who was also at this time “responding” to issues that I was reporting at Rattlechain and the deaths there, which we would obviously find out … eventually… were being caused by the white phosphorus in the pool, dumped there by the industrial polluter. Not that the EA ever contributed anything to that knowledge base, FFS! 

This bloke on that occasion told me

“phosphorus isn’t toxic, I’m a chemist, I did A level chemistry.” 🙄 

He professed zero knowledge of the previous incidents outlined arising from the proven W H Keys source and the pollutants that affected swans in the same way as this incident. What made matters worse were the unknown nature of the contaminants and how to describe them. The viscous nature of the chemicals made them appear like cooking oil or even “sewage” which we now know they were not. Reports therefore did not help confirming the chemical, and Woodhall’s lack of knowledge was the crux of why it continued to unravel.

The cygnets hatched and after this it became a disaster when they took to the water.

The Express and Star article from 13/6/2006 is shown below. Not for the first or last time would I be wading into chemical contaminated crap to rescue ailing birds.

There are points to be made from this article.

  • The “open sewer” claim is quite correct- a spillway for anything from a culverted brook to spill into and then exit via the River Tame.
  • The “piece of wood” was the raft we put out- the female swan clinging to this with her cygnets out of the water which was destroying their waterproofing from the chemicals within it.
  • The swan “attacked by a dog” was the male swan- this was not accurate. He had allegedly been “attacked” but had no injuries from this, he was however “oiled” as the picture above attests.
  • The EA and Severn Trent may have been investigating sewage- they were not investigating W H Keys and the activities on that site, which was the problem.
  • The water level plunge is correct. When we had put the raft on a few years earlier, it was accessible by boat. I had great difficultly getting buoyant to get across to the raft and had to plough through silt just to get there.
  • I do not know if Severn Stench found sewage, but that is not what was on the birds, and I smelt none on myself I have to say!
  • The mention of other factors are not accurate. This unfortunately is typical of many pollution investigations where the wrong chemicals are identified, or more importantly not identified. Take for example the many red herrings put in the way at Rattlechain, before we got to the truth about white phosphorus.
  • What was strange about some of the contaminants is that they were jet black- as seen above. Other observations were of exploding colourful bursts of silvery light in the water.

All Woodhall kept parroting was “iron sesquioxide”– basically rusty water. I continuously along with others told him that he was talking bollocks. I even asked for evidence of what he was testing for at The Millpool and also the Hobnail Brook after this garbage began to get untenable. Why had this “natural” chemical suddenly arrived at this site causing serious harm to water birds but had not done so for many years? How can it possibly have been unconnected to events occurring at the previous source of contamination causing the same issue via the same pathway from the  bitumen based products manufacturer undergoing “remediation”? 

The following are examples supplied of what he was testing for- none of them the chemicals from Keys, and none of the results would point to that source either. None of the solids in the millpool- the contaminated silt were being tested, which is the same issue problem the EA demonstrated at Rattlechain. This is another issue with the EA and their inability to tie down specific chemicals, or set testable limits- as I found out with them also allowing discharge of water from Rattlechain into The Birmingham Canal.

Sample taken 3rd May 2006 from point on Hobnail Brook, by now we know that the clearance work at this site- of chemicals and buildings had already taken place.

The grid reference given for this sample was taken nowhere near to The W H Keys factory, or even the culverted Hobnail brook as stated but actually at the Millpool itself.


Non specific to chemicals originating from the Keys site.


This grid ref, and see the previous one makes even less sense, and is not even on the Millpool site at all!


Sample taken 15th February 2008 from misspelt “Hillpool”


Clear to see the suite of chemicals tested for is getting less and less. No grid reference either!

It was possible to take samples from the brook further downstream of Keys. For example where it crosses onto the field in Gordon Avenue.

All of the cygnets died. It was also later noted that the culvert had began to give off hot material with clouds of “smoke” billowing out visibly. I now take that to be material connected to the “thermal desorption” work being undertaken with the contaminated soil. Where else could this have come from? It defies belief that it was unconnected to this which was happening at the same time, and had not happened before or since.

The pair of swans were relocated away from this site, but the issues continued with around 15-20 other swans landing on the site and having the same issues. Some of these flew out to other pools, meaning that we had to keep track of where they flew out to because they would soon have waterproofing issues. They situation became ridiculous with a 50 mile round journey to Wychbold swan rescue.

Another article appeared in the 24/11/2007 Express and Star

Some points I would like to make about this article.

  • The fat and cooking oil was a then best guess given the lack of information coming from the Environment agency. At this point I knew nothing of the W H Keys situation- why would I or the chemicals involved, which was all being conducted behind closed doors and via a culvert that made it impossible to see from where the source originated?
  • By now I had been told about previous incidents by members of the public who had recalled the issues of the late 80’s/early 90’s. I had yet to substantiate these, but the EA FOI request showed them to be correct.
  • As for the EA comment, this shows the problem. No information of any use, just speculation.

As the farce continued I complained to Sandwell Council, The EA and just about everyone else as I had with Rattlechain, all to little avail. By now I had exhausted most avenues with organisations that were not interested.

Whilst this was going on, the houses given permission were now being constructed.

The next leveller was a puff piece in The Sunday Mercury dated 6/7/2008

This was Mar City boasting about their alleged “remediation” of the site, their experimental shit thermal desorption technology, and how wonderful they had been in “cleaning up” the contaminated site.


  • The “greasy, grime-filled Black country site” was of course Malcolm Grainger’s ACME chemical muppet factory, aka W H Keys.
  • It was only “written off” for industrial use by Mar City who applied for a change of use using dubious tactics and suspect “remediation”.
  • To where was the “blast out” of grease and oils, I think I know. 😡
  • The first, and should be the last to use it. It was a scam, a lie and a fraud, and the environmental impact was flushed down the Hobnail Brook, you lying fucking wanker.
  • The rest of this shit journalistic piece is just an advertisement for the Solihull scum.
  • The housing associations are another part of the green credential hoax and fraud promoted by the political class.

Incandescent with rage, I contacted The Sunday Mercury to reveal the truth about Mar City’s fake claims of wonderful remediation. A week later on 13/7/2008 the following appeared to set the record straight.

The no comment from this company says it all. 

The spin PR continued with the fake “awards” ceremonies associated with this sector. These are the type of event where perhaps three companies are invited to enter themselves into a “competition” each paying an upfront fee to attend some fancy dinner, well away from their scene of pollution- in this case, the Grosvenor Hotel in London. This shite was known as “Key Gardens”- who in their right fucking mind would even want it to be associated with the company that had left behind the contaminated shithole that Mar Shitty further despoiled?

The streets arising from the development were as follows, named precociously as they usually are, in this instance after Cumbrian hillocks, including Skiddaw Drive, not to be confused with the brilliant Sandwell skidder. I bet they don’t have bituminous waste arising anywhere near there.

The demise of Mar City and the Ryans. 

Karma is a wonderful thing. Mar Shitty continued their brownfield land building in places such as Tipton and West Bromwich, but all was not going well behind the scenes, and the couple at the helm of it appeared to be falling from grace.

An eye watering loan was given to them via HSBC of £10 million in 2015, as reported HERE.  

Quite what this was all about is of course all part of the very murky world of business and moving things around- like contaminated buildings for example. 😛 😆 😆

Patrick and Margaret Ryan resigned as directors and relinquished their executive responsibilities within the group they founded in 1984 on 10th December 2015 but remained as major shareholders.

On 24th May 2016 administrators were appointed and once again a Rayment was at the helm, as with W H Keys, how strange? Official records confirm them dissolved on 20th September 2022.

One does wonder where the Government money went with this supposedly thriving business to build houses?

The Ryans together hold a string of dissolved and insolvent businesses, many with the same MAR initials. Many of their company sites, some heavily contaminated like that at the former T & S Element site very near to Millpool as it happens, were left in a state of limbo, and one in Great Bridge unfinished from the same clone company Aurora Living Properties leaves some who bought homes still attempting to finish the unfinished estate. 

As for the Irish couple, they even had the guile to attempt a quite ludicrous claim against HSBC in that a “friend” had given them the loan of £10 million in bad faith!

“His Honour Judge Parfitt, sitting as a High Court Judge, found that it was “unsubstantiated”, “inconsistent” and “speculative” and as a “Hail Mary” last ditch claim it did not fulfil the statutory requirements for proceeding.”

You can read more on that one HERE. 

I can honestly say the heart bleeds. 😆 😆 😆


The Millpool outfall- from here back carrying pollution back into The Hobnail Brook and then The River Tame

There have been no swans attempting to breed at this site since this time. Few have landed on there and do not stay there for long.

There have been window dressing efforts is all I can call them by groups set up with yet more Government money such as “The Hateley Heath Initiative” and now “Hateley Cross” to plant trees. A total waste of time and money in terms of the elephant in the room which is the contaminated pool. Sandwell council have even now put forward this site as one of the bogus “biodiversity net gain” areas where scum polluting developers like Mar Shitty can transfer sums or bungs into useless further rubbish like more trees no doubt. The council have been cutting down trees around this site over the last year, and so the “gain” is an utter fraud on their part as well.

Cut down a load of trees……

To plant some more

What this site needs is not platitudes like the one above, but actions to remove the contaminated legacy of industrialism. I think it is probably impossible to desilt this pool due to costs and the contamination potential of disturbance that would heavily impact The River Tame.

The only option is some form of geotextile membrane, which would at least have some effect so long as no more pollution arises from The Hobnail Brook. I cannot see this ever being undertaken however.

The pool water is increasingly disappearing to eventually just become a millbrook, or continuation of the Hobnail Brook. Perhaps at this stage when the silt is so prominent, it will be culverted and buried like the rest of it. I wonder what will hide under that “shade”?

More window dressing on top of the polluted Hobnail Brook at Hateley Heath shows even more absurdity. For example this ornamental swan on the path of the contaminated brook looks as though it is sitting on a black puddle of pollution, just like the Millpool swans.


We even get this Garden City-esque symbol rubbing our noses further in the warped urban planners mind. All the pollution is hidden underneath our feet, and things look green but as long as the pollution isn’t visible, that’s ok.


  • This issue shows the brownfield building scam for the fraud that it is. All too often we see prick politicians and their media mouthpieces lining up to pour praise over their wonderful new “green” technology which is a fraud like this one.
  • Housing developers have an easy job of manipulating the planning system for their own ends- hire some environmental consultant to make up what you want them to say, and Bob’s your uncle.
  • Public money is given to individuals and companies without proper checks on what they are doing and their credibility. More scrutiny is needed.
  • The Environment Agency are not a fit body to protect the environment, comment on planning applications where the environment is directly threatened, and the quality of their employees in the field leaves much to be desired when they are unfamiliar with troubled repeat offenders.
  • They are unable to take accurate real time results, scrutinise these with past incidents which they should be able to access immediately, and test for specific chemicals of interest tied to pollution incidents.
  • Environmental health officers in local authorities are quick to pass the buck to the EA to get themselves off the hook. The quality of those in Sandwell council leaves much to be desired also.
  • Neither of these bodies ever tested the pool’s sediment to characterise the chemicals it was/is polluted with- that would of course mean that they had to do something, which they do not want to, so leave it in situ.
  • W H Keys were one of the most incompetently run factories in the area and probably the whole UK, and those like Malcom Grainger should have been disqualified from management and directorship when it was quite apparent that he and others were not fit or competent to manage anything.
  • The COMAH regulations are an utter joke. They fail in every way to protect the environment from the hazards stored on site, which are too voluminous to adequately control.
  • “Contaminated land” definitions are also a joke , especially when sites such as W H Keys are not accurately and independently assessed before they are levelled and the contamination finds a way out, as it clearly did here.

The Millpool site is a disgraceful abandonment of a waterbody contaminated by former use, and further contaminated by brownfield building. 

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Millpool West Bromwich#3 MARred by historic pollution and fake “clean up” – Part 1



At the close of play for the vile polluting and failing West Bromwich Company, W H Keys Ltd, BDO Stoy Hayward were put in charge of disposing of the factory land and contents within, it should be noted, the whole site contaminated by previous industrial use.

Confirmed in London Gazette notice dated 2oth April 2005

Not surprisingly, there was no appetite by any company to take over the site, and so housing was once again the toxic nugget on offer. This has been a frequent occurrence within the West Midlands area, and one which I would suggest has been deliberately manipulated by the political class for their own personal gain.

Planning records, which I will get to in a moment reveal what happened next, with the involvement of yet another outfit called Bache Treharne, a surveying company. You can see how all of these legal entity vultures start to carve up the pie and how they are all involved in the disgraceful economic dodgy deals in turning crap old factories into houses.

No sooner had the EA and HSE given up on this site, having totally failed to ever regulate it properly, it is revealed that it was bought by a housing developer for £495,000.

So step forward “Mar City Developments Limited”. This company was run by a husband and wife Irish national outfit by the names of Patrick and Margaret Ryan- the latter having the middle name Anne, and thus we can see her initials are at the heart of this entity. 

Prior to taking on this shit site, the following statements are made in the Mar City annual accounts for 2014. We see here the cosy and I would say unseemly deal with a Government department using tax payers money to fund the construction industry- that fraud outfit known as “The Homes and Communities Agency.”

They boast of “an in house remediation team”, and we will get to that crap shit show in due course.

Mar City funded by the tax payer


Applying for more tax payers money- how nice

It was not long before an outline planning application appeared, in fact in just a few months which makes me believe that it had been eyed  for some time by all of these wretched parties.

DC/06/45887 | Outline application for residential use (C3 Class). | Former W H Keys Ltd Church Lane West Bromwich West Midlands B71 1BN

The statements above and more are made in the document below, submitted as part of the application


Admitted in this document are the observations

“The majority of the site was used for the open storage of chemicals, oils and building materials which has led to the site suffering massive levels of underground contamination”

It is revealed that 34 breaches of regulations were on file from the HSE, and these are shown below. Basically, this confirms what we know already in that this was a negligent company run by people from the managing director down who were not technically competent to do so.

The remediation costs were estimated at between £2,600,000 and £3,400,000! The letter below to a Rob Johnson of Mar City is from their “environmental consultants” WSP Environmental Limited. Of most important note are the mentions of the heavily contaminated soils with bitumen and the groundwater remediation control costs. 

N.B What is not mentioned here and is of high importance, is that “remediation” to this environmental consultant does not appear to include the demolition of contaminated buildings, contaminated machinery, and contaminated barrels that were evidentially listed at being on the site prior to the Mar City purchase. I will explore this crucial issue in this post. 

The costs for Mar City therefore were considerable considering they had bought this “crap site for residential” for under £500 grand! They therefore knew at this stage how much it would cost them, and what actions were needed to avoid extra costs, including the demolition of contaminated buildings, plant and barrels of waste. 😉 

The outline application was submitted on 6/3/2006, so before the letter of WSP to Mar City dated 3/4/2006.


What is clear is that Mar Shitty Developments as they will hitherto be known were quick to claim that this heavily contaminated site was not fit for industrial use. Perhaps this is because they would not be able to tap the Homes and Communities Agency for as much public money Cheddar? John Dadd, the planning officer at the council even made the point that they had failed to demonstrate this in a letter to them dated 23/6/2006, see below.


A similar claim was made by “skintworth'” agents in connection with The Coneygree site at Tipton, though this was later debunked by another appraisal claiming that business was the right choice when obviously Andy Street’s WMCA became a new tax payer money tree.

Initial comments from The Environment Agency, letter dated 7/4/2006 recommended the standard condition regards pollution. They also state that three landfill sites lie within a short 250 metre distance of the Keys site, including an infilled canal basin underneath part of it which I outlined in the first post. Sandwell council had connections to all of these as site operators or licence holders which is interesting in how they are themselves linked to pollution activities in the area. These licences as far as I can tell were SL99 (black lake) and SL586 . I made an FOI request some time back to SMBC regards the Black Lake site, see link above for their response which appears to show it was a foundry sand tipping graveyard job with little real direction.  The EA make no comments on the Hobnail Brook or Millpool and previous encountered proven pollutant linkages.


As far as I am aware, the “remediation” of this site, or flush out of contaminated materials and soils started BEFORE any planning application had ever been granted. Pollution was noted to be happening at Millpool via the Hobnail brook in the summer of 2006. There had been no issues with birds at the lake in terms of visible pollution for many years prior to this, thus indicating a sudden change. What took place after Keys left and Mar Shitty took over is the highly dodgy illegality of the pollution to controlled waters, all under the nose of the useless Environment Agency. 

How is it possible that an application is allowed in “outline” before any real plans for protection of the environment are put forward? No one was watching what went on at this site from a regulatory perspective AFTER WH Keys went bust. No one was watching how these materials were being stored or moved around on site, of which a claimed inventory is listed, how they were being disposed of, or how some of them may have found their way off site or down the drain.  

The theory from WSP was submitted as part of the application in a 25 page document titled and is dated February 2006- i.e BEFORE the application was submitted.


Two other studies are referred to but not submitted as part of the application- a quantitative risk assessment and a Geo-environmental assessment. At this point, the only vague brief is that the site would be used for residential use, without any plan for gardens- how convenient in terms of not having to justify contaminated soils.

I am not sure why they claim the site was “most recently used by W H Keys.” It had only ever been used by this shit company who had contaminated it without any care for over 100 years on the 3.4 hectare site.

At page 7 we get mention of the Hobnail Brook.

The usual trial pits were undertaken, not representative of anything across the land based upon the scattered conditions of chemicals and drums on this site and how they had leaked over 100 years. It is also apparent that not many were located on the Eastern part of the site which slopes in a downward gradient towards The Hobnail Brook.

Crucially it confirms that groundwater was found to be flowing in a North to North Easterly direction- i.e towards the Hobnail Brook and ultimately Millpool.


Just about everywhere, including groundwater was found to be contaminated with dangerous chemicals.

WSP make the crucial statement regards how the current site threatens the Hobnail Brook and beyond. What is puzzling here is why the EA were not able to make this assessment. It is also of concern that WSP do not appear to know about the previous incidents which prove this pollutant linkage, or profess any knowledge of the so called penstock valve that allegedly had been shut off just a few years previously to stop pollution. Had it opened again, did they damage it in trial pits or building demolition? How would they even know? 

Estimated 30,000m³ of contaminated soil

A number of remediation options are suggested, but these are largely theoretical without any specific detailed discussion. These were bioremediation, thermal desorption, landfilling and incineration. WSP were not responsible for any remediation on the site, merely providing information options for Mar City who had control of the site and its contents.

What is clear is that building control at Sandwell council had given Mar Shitty permission to demolish the contaminated buildings that were still on a classified industrial use site. The idea that Mar Shitty could therefore begin moves to change the use by doing this, and please refer to John Dadd’s letter above in connection with this demonstrates how the planning system is corrupt in this regard.

This appears to suggest that before WSP submitted any relevant theoretical studies of the site in any depth, Sandwell Council twats in building control had allowed their clients to get rid of the evidence, and in just 11 days of having received the application? WTF?

I put in an enquiry to Sandwell Planning asking for further information about this consent for demolition and this is what i was given.

Er, there was NO residential scheme application in February 2006, and the application for this in outline was then made to change the use! So the buildings went BEFORE any approval for change of use. As for the condition 6, (see below), this was in reference to the application AFTER they had already demolished and spread around the contaminated contents of the buildings, machinery and barrels. 

Without much of a plan for how remediation was going to be carried out after a significant disturbance of the site contents had already been moved around on site, or how this affected groundwater contamination, the planning committee report is shown below. There isn’t much to say about this, but the lack of comments by the environment agency about proven specific past industrial pollution incidents from the site and source-pathway-receptor pollutant linkage is noted.


This application was passed with conditions and the decision  notice issued on 16/8/2006


The only points of note from my perspective are conditions 6-8 concerning contamination of land and off site pollution prevention.

It is clear that after this, but not before off site contamination of the Hobnail Brook and Millpool were being seen, and see further discussion of this in the final part of this story coming next, WSP submitted further documents in order to discharge the conditions.

These are not on the Sandwell Council planning website, but I viewed the whole file for this application and subsequent one some years ago, and there was no mention whatsoever of the penstock valve referred to in the case of proven historic pollution from this site and the proven pathway that polluted millpool.

A further revelation is given in documents by yet another on site party known as “Deep Green UK Limited”– a company who were to carry out the thermal desorption on site, yet separated their activities from those that had obviously been undertaken by Mar Shitty prior and during their proposed tenure on site. This again appears to be a mirror of the blame game buck passing between W H Keys and PMC marketing when the tanks were collapsing on the site, but the former claimed that the latter were responsible.

The EA wrote to Sandwell Council concerning a “deployment form” in relation to the DGUK operation, yet offer no comments on the incriminating statements made by this company in response to concerns that they had about their activities.


This was an “outline permission” and at this point Mar City had NOT given information concerning how they had demolished structures or prevented pollution, and yet, their sub contractor claims here that all of this work had already been undertaken! 

Remember how the whole site was described as contaminated?

We had at this time noted disgusting contamination into the millpool affecting birds and from this likely source!

Furthermore, they also distance themselves from the on site remediation, and we get the scum who were in charge of this unapproved operation below.


The planning conditions had not been enacted!

This company argue with the EA observations using semantics and their own interpretations.


“Preparation work has been underway at the site for some months now. This has involved clearing the site of waste, demolition of buildings and general site preparation prior to remediation operations commencing. This work has been undertaken by the site owner

What kind of crap is this? Why was permission granted for the demolition of known contaminated buildings? Who gave this permission, apparently prior to the outline application? Where were the EA comments in relation to this? Why was no one monitoring what Mar Shitty were doing on site with dangerous chemicals that they had no knowledge of?

That’s funny, as where was approval given by ether of these bodies for this work to be done before the outline application was approved. Why was there no mention of this work in the planning committee report?

What is clear is that the EA did not even comment on the reports submitted by WSP until AFTER THEY HAD DONE THE FUCKING WORK! 

Still be taken into consideration? They have done the work already for months you fucking fool!

Too late to worry about site conditions and groundwater when they have already cleared the fucking site!

What use is this letter which heavily criticises the WSP reports and says that they contradict each other and do not protect off site receptors?


I will look at this letter and its comments further on, except to say that this is further evidence of the incompetence of this quango and their professional failure to protect the environment from shiesters like W H Keys and Mar Shitty Developments Limited. Why did Kitchen not write to Sandwell council BEFORE the application had ended with these observations?

Going back to the DGUK statement they confirm on page 8 of the contaminated material that “excavation, screening and stockpiling of material is undertaken by Mar City Developments.” 

There is a great deal of theoretical statements made by DGUK, but are concentrated on their process alone and not the whole “remediation” operation, which is just not good enough. Mar Shitty should have undertaken all of this work and this just feels as though these two parties are distant from the joined up operation which underlines why pollution was getting off site.

There are plans of the site, without buildings now present, operating summary of the DGUK plant and procedural diagrams.

For some reason there are also academic certificates of some bloke called “Leon Pilling” which I note are only dated from January of 2006, and December of the preceding year! I have no idea of if he was leading the operation but does this make this college boy an “expert”, and what actual practical expertise of this system had he or DGUK ever used in reality on any construction site or one as contaminated as W H Keys? Deep “green” indeed! In deep shit would be a better description of this site. 

The deployment form states that 45,000 tonnes of material would need to be treated, an increase of 15,000 on the WSP estimates given and evidenced earlier in this post- so were their costs also inaccurate as well as other things they claimed about this site from their desktops?


Further information appears at the end of the 45 page PDF which appears to suggest a precis of the shit WSP assessments on this site. The appendix A referred to in part one can be seen below.


From this, of note are these observations.



An “unnamed lake” is of course, the named and known Millpool! 

Their claims about groundwater contamination are utter bollocks and untruthful lies.

This is later taken apart by the EA, but not before they were utterly clueless that pollution via this pathway had taken place for years. 

We get this little gem concerning the incompetence of Sandwell Council officers.

The contaminated land officer, Margaret Gardiner at this point, as well as her boss Richard Norton both were ex rejects of the useless Walsall Council Hazardous waste unit, and were frequent apologists I might add in the protection of Rattlechain and the poisoning of wildfowl activities by the scum that discharged waste there. I am not surprised at the bullshit provable crap written here if true if it was stated that there were “no contaminated land issues”. 😕 

Remember these comments from the NRA which I revealed in the previous post- soak it up Gardiner and Norton….. 🙄


Unbelievable statement. But no comment that this was totally unacceptable.


As for building control, this brainless dickhead had given permission for demolition of contaminated buildings, but according to this had zero evidence to make an informed decision about the contamination of those buildings and the site!

The contradiction of the above statements should be read in context with those unbelievably spelt out on the next fucking page!

But Sandwell council’s joke contaminated land officer reckons there are no issues!

The greensters then give us a lesson about pollutant linkages, perhaps they should give this to SMBC environmental health officers and the useless EA ones as well.

This refers to the thermal desorption aspect by DGUK, but not the overall project already begun where contamination had already breached the site and gone off site.

By some strange force, the environment agency suddenly decided to comment on this contamination fest fiasco on 6th October 2006, as mentioned earlier in this post. 

What is shocking is that not only had they failed to adequately comment in time for the application being determined but that they heavily criticise the bullshit  WSP reports!


The first thing to note other than the correspondent is referring to the outline application planning number, is that the only report written prior to the demolition approval from building control, which should really have been a separate planning application in itself was the Geo-environmental assessment in January 2006. The other two were written after this had taken place.

The comments are therefore fairly useless at this stage given that activities affecting controlled waters have already happened on the site!

Groundwater data was not complete and had not been followed up with further results that the EA had seen. This confirms that this regulator was unable to make any infirmed statements about the harmful effects that were now occurring AND AFFECTING CONTROLLED WATERS UNDER THEIR NOSES! How can the results of a contractor even be trusted? Why were the EA not taking tests themselves due to the cowboy operation that had unfolded on this site over many years? 

Kitchen notes that WSP cite harmful contaminants fund in the groundwater, and yet then make the contradictory statement that there is limited effect on the Hobnail Brook and soils leaching into it.

“The results of groundwater sampling indicate that significant (i.e in excess of relevant standards ) contamination has reached the groundwater underlying the site”

I wonder why the useless previously named prats in environmental health at Sandwell council were not able to conclude this?

The EA officer asks a relevant point about existing groundwater contamination, but appears blind to the fact that building demolition has occurred and that tanks known or suspected of containing residue chemicals may have added to the mixtures reaching groundwater.

The methodology of the technical leachate analysis for drawing conclusions is also criticised.

Further contradictions and the lies of WSP are further explored which appears to suggest the technical competence of this consultancy is seriously flawed.

Concerning the January document

“Furthermore, the groundwater results presented in that document indicate that there is significant (i.e in excess of relevant standards ) contamination in the groundwater at the site suggesting either direct spillage has ben made or the contamination in the soils is subject to significant leaching into groundwater.” 

The EA state that targets should be set to ensure that acceptable discharges are reached, but I am afraid that that ship had already sailed due to the late comments of this response. Unacceptable levels, and unquantified by regulation had already reached the Hobnail Brook and beyond.

The conclusions although valid are I am afraid too late. 

The following year the major application appeared.

DC/07/47631 | Proposed construction of 150 residential properties (reserved matters). | Site Of W H Keys Ltd Church Lane West Bromwich West Midlands B71 1BN

An application was made for this below.


There is little in the way of interest in the files available on the SMBC planning website for this, except in the application which notes this.

Er, the Environment Agency commented that this was shit, but your clients have already railroaded through a “remediation” scheme that was just about getting rid of everything off site by any means possible- up in the air, through the soil, into groundwater, and down the Hobnail brook.

In the final part of this story, I will look at the impact that this planning disgrace had on wild birds at the millpool and what happened next with those involved in creating that mess.


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Millpool West Bromwich#2 The Meltdown of W H Keys


This second of four part posts dealing with the pollution issues at Millpool in West Bromwich is mainly technical and outlines the chemicals and regulation of the failed W H Keys Company and its incompetent directors and staff.

Already prior to the 2000’s I have evidenced how this company was polluting the Hobnail Brook and the wider area and affecting aquatic birds at Millpool with their “bitumen based” chemicals and how the way in which this was dealt with by the authorities was not very thorough to say the least.

I asked the EA via an FOI request for information regards the pollution issues arising from this factory and associated water pollution. The reply to this 2008 request is shown below.

This evidence will be set out below.

Prior to 2000, a couple of fires were noted on the site, and were a mentioned threat to offsite sources. Obviously at this stage the previous Hobnail Brook pollution would still have been on the radar of the NRA officers.

The first incident occurred on 28/4/1994 and was a visit connected to a bitumen burner fire where foam was used to extinguish the flammable material. West Midlands Fire Service had alerted their colleagues.

No pollution was noted, although the existing ground contamination is not mentioned or how the residues of this fire would have affected the surroundings. It is noted that although the name of the managing director is redacted by the EA in the request, there are clearly two g’s in the surname. 😉 😉

A further fire on 25/2/1999 occurred in possibly the same unit, and again WMFS were involved.

What we see here is the useless “owner” of the site believing there is a “soakaway” drainage- i.e into contaminating the ground and then groundwater, but WMFS believed there to be foul water severe connections. The mention of “unbranded solvents” on the site is another example of how badly this place was being run by those in charge.

Important regulation changes but still inadequate events would occur on a national basis in the mid 1990’s. The NRA became the Environment Agency in 1997.

In order to regulate and upgrade the use of dangerous substances in industry, the UK Government enacted the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999 and the Amendment Regulations 2005, commonly referred to as COMAH. These regulations amended the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 1992.

COMAH regulations and related guidance supposedly aims to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances and to limit the consequences to people and the environment of any that do occur. This includes:

  • Identifying installations that store or use a threshold amount of hazardous substances (Lower tier and Top tier)
  • Providing guidelines on the prevention of accidents through the control of substances (Major Accident Prevention Plans, Safety reports)
  • Providing guidance on mitigating the effects of hazards, including the effect on the environment and neighbouring sites, through the development of emergency plans.

The W H Keys site was affected by this legislation, and as part of the FOI request I submitted to the agency, they revealed documents concerning the classification of chemicals held on the site that fell within the COMAH framework. The site was classified as a Lower Tier site- even though several substances on the site, and those that had polluted the ground and beyond were deadly to human health and the aquatic environment!

Again, I will explore and comment on the documents in chronological order.

The letter from The Environment Agency to Keys dated 10/3/2004 refers to an officer site visit to the factory and explains the reasons for COMAH. I’m not sure how 50 tonnes makes it “toxic” when minute quantities of “dangerous substances” are obviously lethal! The EA are the “competent authority” in dealing with this site, though I would add that by my experience this is far from their actual position in practice!


Another letter refers to one from Keys, which the EA did not give me in the FOI request. It confirms that Keys had accepted that they fell within the threshold of the legislation. It also refers to “improvement notices” which I will look at further on.



There appear to have been three listed chemicals falling within the framework and over the 50 tonne limit. An inspection report explains the position, and I have scanned this for confirmation below. The interaction and use of these chemicals will be explained further on in this post when a near catastrophic incident occurred at the site.


Click for full data sheet information. NB All of these substances state that full PPE should be worn when handling, breathing apparatus worn when it is involved in fires, and that medical attention should be obtained when exposed. Not much chance of that when you don’t know what it is is when it gets off site is there? 

orthocresolphenolmix SDS

This “marine pollutant” substance is a mixture of Ortho-cresol and phenol and is a dark brown liquid. It is described as “toxic” to skin contact causing burns and also to aquatic systems. Notably it states that fires should not be fought using water jets. It states “Prevent contamination of soil and water.” and also that it may form “explosive mixtures with air.”

When molten, it states “Prevent from spreading or entering drains, ditches or rivers by using sand, earth or other appropriate barriers. “ It also states that it may solidify and block drains.

Health wise it damages the liver and kidneys with repeat exposure, kills “tadpoles” in yer stick and also forms tumours in experimental animals. 

In the case of this company therefore, they clearly were unable to do this prior to the regulations coming into effect. One wonders how much had solidified in the soil, and was just waiting to be released again to groundwater when made molten? 

I will particularly note the information below which is important to the environmental fate of this insoluble chemical and any attempts later to try and identify unknown dark brown liquid pollution in the Hobnail Brook and the Milky.

It sinks in water, if it enters soil it is mobile and may contaminate groundwater, yet is evanescent meaning that if an EA officer were to receive a report of unidentified “water pollution”- what chance of even identifying the substance days later?


cresylic acid SDS

This yellowish liquid is another mixture of cresols and phenol. Once again it is “toxic” and damaging to aquatic organisms.

When burnt it gives of toxic fumes of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

The same warnings concerning risks to drains and water courses are given as the chemical above.

Corrosive and poisonous by absorption. Respiratory lethal.



This corrosive yellow liquid chemical is a mixed low boiling point chlorocresol and is “toxic by inhalation and causes sever burns.”

“Do not let product enter drains, Do not allow product to contaminate groundwater system. “

Unfortunately it is once again quick to disappear in water traceability.

Basically, yer fucked!

Keys supplied the regulation 6 form to the EA on 15/6/2004 to a man called Eaton within The Health and Safety Executive, and I have scanned this in the PDF below.


There is so little information contained in this form as for it to be utterly useless and unfit for purpose. The most information can be read below where it states that “toxic liquids” are stored within the range 50-200 tonnes.

The worst part of this is the liar stating that there are no water courses that may be affected by the operations. Not only was this well known to Keys that water courses HAD been affected by their operations, but also to their regulators as well. The caveat of drinking water is a disgrace given that the River Tame is open and accessible to members of the public and is fed by The Hobnail Brook.

Unfortunately, the (in)competent authority only appear interested in a box ticking exercise and paper shuffling. Notification that it would be put on the public register was later received as per the letter below.


The next EA document they provided me with concerns a list of improvement notices they had issued following an inspection of the site. Unfortunately, they did not provide me with the inspection report mentioned in connection with this. What is interesting is the mention of releasing “white spirit vapour” from this site, as well as the Xylene based product. 


The love of the acronym is another observation of these bureaucratic civil service entities. If only they actually meant anything substantial in practice compared to the theory that originated them. Here, we are introduced to MATTES, (Major Accidents to The Environment) and MAPPS (Major Accident Prevention Policy).

The EA wrote to Keys on 5/11/2004 requesting the MAPP for COMAH- you can see how these phrases just reduce the substance of safety to ridiculous proportions. Environmental matters were what the EA were interested in.

Keys duly sent this off with a letter dated 16/12/2004. I have scanned the full PDF below and it only amounts to 10 pages.


This is another theoretical exercise, and yet there is no specific mention of previous incidents of pollution to the Hobnail Brook or Millpool.

It does outline the roles of The Managing director, works chemist and works manager, and perhaps the closest we get to admission of past incidents is on page 7.

Why had there been a long history of such spills not being detected until the man in charge of this site was informed by the regulators?

On 21st December 2004 the EA performed a pre Christmas COMAH inspection.


The report of 4 pages observes some interesting practices which appear to suggest that health and safety at this site was something for the cameras and for the new regulations, rather than something that was ingrained within the managing director of this site instructing staff as to how they should operate. Note the fact that managers were not wearing breathing apparatus- and in connection with this, please refer to the safety data sheets I have already scanned where it is strongly advised to do so in the three chemicals with which they were obliged to register as a Lower Tier site.

It is of concern to me that the inspector was “unfamiliar” with the site during the guided inspection. Perhaps an unannounced visit may have revealed far more of interest? It is also noted that the ground within the works was “soft” suggesting an easier pathway into soils and drains given it is classed as a “increased risk”. 

The past history of Keys is briefly outlined and the chemicals handled mentioned. I note that Sandwell Council are mentioned as allowing them “releases of solvent”? The hot and cold bitumen statement I find troubling, as it appears that this company have a caveat which is not entirely clear was being enforced by anyone knowledgeable or familiar about the site.

The HSE appear to have told Keys they were to be monitored under the new regulations rather than anyone from the company proactively understanding the new legislation. This again suggests a poor knowledge base from the managing director down. It is also noted that the MAPP report as scanned above has only recently been written, suggesting little in the way of previous health and safety policy with regards for operations at this site. One can see from the historic pictures that this site was a barrel waste graveyard which had bled into the soil and groundwater contaminating all around it.

The following I find unbelievable, and one wonders how they can be regarded as a credible handler of 100 plus tonnes of toxic materials that could cause significant environmental damage and loss of life to an unsuspecting populace of West Bromwich- including two nearby schools! I have marked these as the EA should have-

So in summary Keys had


On the last point, we will see how this unravelled in just a very short time later!



Unbelievable statement. But no comment that this was totally unacceptable.


Rather than fining them for this or prosecuting any regulations, it appears the EA are content to allow this to continue. I have seen the same thing with Rattlechain and it appears how toothless this quango is when deferring to things of the past continuing. We have seen how this shoddy and incompetent management system polluted controlled waters, and yet nothing changed from the days of the National Rivers Authority.

But it just gets better.


In conclusion the EA accept that a source-pathway-receptor plausible pollution model exists, but do not state that this had already happened, and well within the knowledge of those running this abysmal fucking factory! IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME THAT THE EA FAILED TO IDENTIFY THE RISKS TO THE HOBNAIL BROOK AND MILLPOOL, WHICH IS NOT EVEN CONSIDERED BY THE INDIVIDUAL “UNFAMILIAR” WITH THE SITE. 


Perhaps not surprisingly, the EA issued the company with an improvement notice, how could they be much worse?) in the new year.


There is not much to say here, as it is mostly the legal standing that operates rather than the detail needed as to where this company was failing. This is all we actually get, which means they had little to bite them with if they failed to act within the generous time given them to do so.

Perhaps if COMAH had any teeth and fined companies by the week when they failed to act rather than give them months to act, or had the power to shut down the entire business from operating until compliance was reached then the EA might be a credible outfit. As they are, and as I have seen over many years, they are little more than prefects with a badge and do little to “make a better place” as their logo suggests.

The above statement does not address the contamination already in the ground spoken of, and so how can the EA therefore monitor “new” spillages when they would just be blamed on old ones from the last Century? It does depress me that this organisation appears to be a loophole jockey for things to continue as they were, because that is the way they always have been done, and it’s probably what Major Keys, the freemason, bunged people to look the other way and ignore his polluting business.

Pointless exercise with no teeth.


It was perhaps inevitable that this failing company would collapse very soon, but as the new year dawned, a visual metaphor occurred that sums up the scope of the case.

At the site, three large storage tanks labelled T1, T2 AND T3 were present, and yet KEYS themselves distanced ownership of these vessels which received tonnes of the dangerous liquids for which they were governed under COMAH regulations. The EA and the HSE were negligent in not closing down this bullshit or making enquiries about these storage tanks at the earliest stage. The safe containment of the chemicals on site- is it not, their responsibility? 

Another cruddy outfit based in Kent known as PMC Marketing Ltd were the said owners of these corroding old storage tanks. The tale from Keys about the ownership and use of these is outlined in the next EA inspection report shown below. PMC were basically the middleman seller of a product made at the works using the dangerous substances to which Keys were being monitored.

Keys wrote to PMC on 16/2/2005 giving their account of a “major incident”, or perhaps the negligence of the company involving the collapse of one of the tanks T2.


It is noted that from the start, Keys are quick to point the finger at PMC stating that it is owned by them and differentiating between “our” and “your”.

A delivery of 21.2 tonnes of Otho-cresol/phenol mixture was made and 17.15 tonnes were emptied into tank T2. This was a hot mixture of plus 40°C to keep it in a liquid state. To prevent crystallisation at 17°C, a dilutant needed to be added, this being mixed cresols (LIGHTS) which were already in the tank at 16,000 litres. 

Only after the OP1 had been added is it claimed that two operatives from Keys noticed that the tank had began to lean after a cracking noise was heard. Two of the four legs on this tank had broken leaving it leaning dangerously containing the highly toxic mixture.

The fire service were called and Keys started decanting the mixture between the road tanker and an adjacent tanker, ultimately emptying the leaning tower. What is not helpful is their attempt to switch units between tonnes and litres. I wonder if this was to cover up potential spills which they did not give an honest account of before reporting events?

The events of this near disaster are further explained in the subsequent EA inspection 3 days later on 18/2/2005. 


“The mixture is toxic, corrosive and dangerous to the environment.”

“Depending upon the geology/hydrology, this release could have been  sufficient to cause a MATTE to groundwater and/or any controlled waters in continuity”- I.E HOBNAIL BROOK AND MILLPOOL. 


It is clear from the EA report that these tanks were not suitable for purpose and had been an issue and disaster waiting to happen. That they and the HSE and others before had not examined this is to their incompetence it has to be said as regulators! 

What is even more incredible is that PMC/KEYS and an outfit called “con-ren”- (I had to check that name as I thought it said “con-men” which would be a more suitable description of their work) thought that these tanks were suitable for use. Con- men had examined the tanks for PMC bizarrely very recently before this incident passing them off as safe. 😆

tanks were at least 18 years old.



This prohibited use of tanks T1 and T2 and storage of these tanks, suspended manufacture of cresols blending, and prohibited storage of cresols in any other on site vessel.

The HSE also served notices on them as well.

A legacy of shame

The incredible event trail between PMC/KEYS AND CON-MEN is shown in communications held on file.

PMC had written to Keys on 20/12/2004, even referring to the imminent inspection the next day wishing them luck. 😆 The report states that the tanks were examined just 2 years earlier and the results being “very satisfactory”, Double 😆 😆

Lucky they were not implicated in a corporate manslaughter charge!

And so to the inevitable demise of this company which had obviously been coming for some time, though no thanks to the EA and HSE in allowing this fiasco to continue on. The last site visit took place on 6th May 2005. 

This had three Environment Agency Officers namely, Ian Kelsey– who had served the improvement notice which of course was an utter joke, a D Othen and N. Iles. The HSE were also present, though these are redacted in the report. Though it says that one of the EA officers had some familiarity with the site, obviously it wasn’t that much given the lack of knowledge concerning nearby water courses. 


I will go through the whole report as it is of great relevance to subsequent events, and also one statement in this report which should shame those three EA officers which is patently and evidentially untrue.

The first important point to note is that the EA were told that Keys had gone into administration a month earlier.

It is revealed that BDO Stoy Hayward, blanked out , had taken over the administration of this company. This particular outfit appear quite often in the affairs of dubious companies at their apparent demise I have noted, almost acting as a fulcrum on the sea-saw between polluter and inevitable scummy housing developer sale.

It is quite apparent that this dodgy deal had been in the offing for some time, and maybe the “accident” was a deliberate act in bringing that about. What competent officer of this company would have been as fucking clueless as the managing director of this outfit was in health and safety law and compliance? As it is, this absolute thicko weapon had volunteered to remain at the company- why, when he was as useless as a morning after pill to a nun?




To mention this in a report these three EA officers show their utter incompetence, knowing fuck all about the site where they were supposed to be preventing from polluting the environment. They had clear records of such pollution from this site, their predecessors knowing full well the risks to The Hobnail Brook and Millpool, as did the twat managing director who had instigated clean up before.

What is clear from the description of the fiasco haphazard storage of chemicals, many unmarked and unseparated between flammable and toxic is how the EA and HSE are not credible authorities to manage COMAH. The EA report talks in future tense, whilst skipping the part where their regulation has totally failed to date, and is shown to be inept from how they describe the scene on site!

Why in this regard would they allow operations to continue? What a fucking joke.


No shit Sherlocks!

An inventory of the chemicals alleged to be on site, not that the EA had validated this in their inspections is given. We learn of numerous tanks, some claimed to be empty, but not really “empty” because they were likely still contaminated with residual toxic chemicals.

The final curtain on this part of the story lies with the official demise of W H Keys and its liquidation confirmed in documents held by Companies House.

21st June 2007

Before this date the chemicals on this site would be “removed” in a manner that I will be looking at in Part 3 of this story with disastrous environmental consequences.

As for the directors of this company it is a mystery as to who they actually were at the time of demise, as the records appear to show several named individuals resigning in the 1990’s! Just who was running W H Keys? We do know however that ALL of the below were calling the shots at this company when they were actively polluting the area with their chemical crap from the records the EA supplied me with, and they get NO anonymity from me.

Hear is the list of shame. What is even more disgraceful is that many of them live amongst us in the area in Sandwell, and would have seen the effects their disgusting failed company was having. Maybe their names should be up in “LIGHTS”.

Michael John GRAINGER

  • Resigned: 2 November 1992

However listed as “MANAGING DIRECTOR”

  • Appointed: 26 July 1991


  • Resigned: 30 April 1998
  • Marilyn HOBDAY

No record of resignation but 

  • Appointed: 30 April 1998

and then again as

  • Appointed: 5 October 2000
  • Occupation: “Company Secretary”

Gillian Frances ALEXANDER

  • Resigned: 21 July 1995

Henry Malcolm Thomas CURTEIS

  • Resigned: 21 July 1995

Brian William KEYS-STATHAM 

  • Resigned: 1 June 1992


  • Resigned: 21 July 1995                                                                                       

Cynthia Mary LEGGE

No record of resignation but 

  • Appointed: 26 July 1991

Michael Keys MOULD

No record of resignation but 

  • Appointed: 26 July 1991
  • Occupation: “Retired Manager”

Sally Elizabeth Jane ROBERT 

  • Resigned: 21 July 1995


  • Resigned: 21 July 1995

Janetta Faerie Ruby STATHAM 

  • Resigned: 28 July 1994

Kim Stephen WARD

  • Resigned: 5 July 1996

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Millpool West Bromwich#1 The Major Bitumen dumping ground of W H Keys


The legacy of industrial waste and chemical factories being turned into housing is one which is unravelling, and I have been contacted by several people in different areas of the country with similar observations to ones that surround Rattlechain lagoon. Homes built on contaminated land that had been forgotten, and others proposed on or around totally unacceptable cankerous ground. It will of course not be the green credential liar politicians who approve these schemes that will be sick in the decades to come from the inevitable cancers and illnesses caused by building on chemical laden soils.

Rattlechain is probably the most polluted site in the UK in terms of a waterbody, but there is another in Sandwell which has been a thorn in the side of wildlife and wildfowl for many years of which I have been personally involved and getting doused in stuff that many would not go near.

This is a story I have wanted to tell for some time, and I am now just getting around to it. Once again it involves an abandoned plaything of the former mining/clay extraction industry, in turn becoming a tip and then a forgotten shit hole where pollution in turn creates victims of industrial pollution.

There is quite a bit to this story and I will tell it and my direct involvement in four parts. This first post traces the prior longstanding pollution history before I came on the scene.


It appears typical as I have found with Albright and Wilson and the other dodgy chemical firms in Oldbury that military connections, political family dynasty’s and freemasonry got you far in life in the 20th Century.

W H Keys was a disgusting local polluter specialising in Bitumen based products which made them highly flammable as well as surfactant troublesome when coming into contact with water. Their connections no doubt made many look the other way when it came to their environmental legacy, and I do wonder for how many years this continued?

An ad from 1970, thus confirming the business had been set up in 1885.

The Keys family members of note were Samuel Keys, (fingers in the pie with The West Bromwich Corporation/Council) who had sons including William Hall Keys – the origin of the company, and Harry Keys. The family association with West Bromwich Albion football club offers another insidious route into the poisoning ingratiation into the area, and it could be argued that this club has always had such an effect on the town as a “firm” in itself. Why does it attract so many political followers and associates even today? 

All the brothers including another Clement had positions with WBA, and the biggest player in the WH Keys firm in the 20th Century would be Henry Wilson Keys 1892-1974.

Typical. 23/6/64 Birmingham Evening Mail

The “great war hero” baggie boy Major, (maybe not the one from Fawlty Towers) 😆 thus had a power base with which to wield his pipe and became a big player if you’ll excuse the pun in The Football Association as well as with The Hawthorns.

It also comes as no surprise that Keys were a British Military contractor in WW2, and even coincidentally were occupiers of the Portishead docks “refining bitumen” before AW took over the area.

Croaked 1974, as announced in 14/9/74 Sports Argus

It is perhaps ironic and maybe poetic justice that this “industrialist” was taken ill at the creosote vat central HQ at Church Lane. It is not surprising that I have traced several incidents during and after his time at the helm which show this pompous British Empire war family scum for what they really were, and once again, with the depressing familiarity of that which I have already exposed with Albright and Spillsome. Fires, deaths, spillages, pollution, but moreover cover up. 

An early one as reported in Chemical Age from December 23rd 1926

Published: Wednesday 25 July 1962 Newspaper: Coventry Evening Telegraph

What a surprise “accidental death”- so no come back on the Major and his WBA position. 

Published: Saturday 29 September 1962 Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post

The oil storage tanks at this site would become a regular major accident hazard in the years to come, and after the factory had closed- as will be seen. The canal in question is The Ridgacre Canal and or off spurs known as The Halford’s Branch and Jesson Branch . You can imagine the pollution that would have been given off from this incident- and as I will show, the pathway which it would have gone. 

Published: Monday 03 August 1970 Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post


Bitumen tank fires at the site- a recurring theme of pollution. 

Published: Monday 01 October 1979 Newspaper: Sandwell Evening Mail

Piping out the Admiral Published: Wednesday 05 May 1982 Newspaper: Sandwell Evening Mail

Yet again!

Published: Wednesday 24 February 1988 Newspaper: Sandwell Evening Mail


This repeat fire occurrence then sets the scene that would become a pollution timebomb for further afield as will be demonstrated towards the end of the 1980’s- though it should be stressed, this would have been happening for decades prior to this. 


Let’s look at the surrounding area to what was the W H Keys factory. O.S maps from the late 19th/early 20th Centuries show The Hall End works located in Hateley Heath. The Ridgacre canal is shown as well as a now infilled branch called the Halford and Jesson Branch which was off this. Most importantly, a brook known as The Hobnail brook passes East of the Keys works. The works were in an elevated position on a hill with embankments.

An overlay map with todays imagery shows how housing has swamped the area and the direction of The Hobnail Brook flow downhill.

The brook course flows through Clarkes Lane still in a downward gradient towards The Millpool Colliery.

The brook also continues towards a marshy area below the Millfield Colliery and an apparent pool, which is The Millpool. 

The discoloured Millpool is visible from the overlay from today confirming the same position. The Hobnail brook flows into the Millpool via a large inlet and from there exits via an outlet towards Rydding Lane and Hydes Road where it joins the River Tame flowing towards Bescot.

From research it is apparent that this brook course was formerly largely open and not culverted as it is today.

Historic pictures from 1954 show much detail and the emerging Hateley Heath Estate being built. The brook course is entirely open and barrels from these works presumably have just rolled down the embankment.

The correct position can be identified by the distinctive spur basin and the footbridge which doesn’t appear to have changed in the 50+ years between the map and visual pictures.

Canal barges are parked outside the works which are littered with barrels and apparent little regard for environmental issues. Bitumen waste must have been everywhere on the site and mixed within the soils and the downhill gradient must have regularly affected the Hobnail Brook via groundwater pathways.

The positions of the emerging new streets are shown and how The open Hobnail Brook passed through Kesteven and Lindsey Road towards Clarkes Lane, in the shadow of the factory on the hill. The brook is of course now hidden by a pathway through the named “Kesteven green”.

Barrelled waste in the works and in the Hobnail Brook

After WW2, it appears that The West Bromwich Corporation and then Sandwell Council covered over and up the pollution flowing from the Hill. I have found this notice from 1954 , the same year as the pictures for example.

A further article from 1976 gives more detail. Unfortunately, it is because of fuckwit councillors that companies like WH Keys were able to hide their pollution underground. Did these fools think that more acceptable to the public, or were they so short sighted as to not realise how difficult it would be to trace back the pollution when underground? Or was it perhaps the case that they were just looking after the interests of this West Bromwich Albion connected polluter?

Clearly, this brook was the vessel with which the bitumen bastards offloaded waste. The section referred to appears to be that which leaves the Millpool and continues on to The River Tame.


With a direct pathway via the Hobnail Brook from the source of pollution- The WH Keys factory, The Millpool was a vessel which received the bituminous crap , and from there, the River Tame itself.

The name “Millpool” is fairly generic, and is known locally as “The Milky” because of its colour and nothing else as some have suggested- such as the preposterous “Mill Quay”. The colour has always been shite because the pollution into it has always been shite- it really is that simple. 

My best guess is that the pool itself was used as a mines drainage facility between the two Collieries, The Millpool, and The Millfield. It also of course fed the River and served as a pollution carrier from further afield including that from Keys.

An overlay map with today’s imagery shows the dense urbanisation of the area and the Hobnail brook totally buried beneath concrete and hidden from view.


Just a little but not extensive research on these as it is not really the subject of this blogpost, except to say that I am having none of it regards these two causing pollution in the Millpool in the latter part of the 2oth Century and any attempts to muddy the waters with such crap. That of course is the type of bullshit that apologists of companies like Keys and the Albright and Wilson’s of this world always attempt to divert attention from the now, by going back further into the past.

The Millpool Colliery was owned at one point by a Thomas Millership, and as can be seen, his son Edward died here making it clear the risks that these guys took to get coal.


Published: Thursday 02 July 1868 Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post

The same can be said for the nearby Millfield Colliery where another tragedy unfolded at the end of the Century.

Published: Wednesday 05 July 1899 Newspaper: Northern Echo

As a footnote to this The two collieries were owned near to their demise by The Patent Shaft and Axletree Company– Millpool closing in 1914 and Millfields a year later. Obviously the First Great Reset otherwise known as “WW1” saw many pits and brickworks closing for good by the end of the 1910’s. This Wednesbury Company are associated perhaps not coincidentally by the Lloyd family, who had Wednesbury as their personal fiefdom as The Albright and Wilson’s ran Oldbury at the same time. Sampson Lloyd was  related by marriages of his parents and brother to the Wilson family, and he was a vice chairman of this company until near his death in 1874.

There is a gap in historic records for now as to what became of the milky after the building of Menzies High school in the 1960’s and later extensions added in the 1970’s. This land at one point was in the ownership of that school, including land over the culverted Hobnail Brook which ran underneath the sports hall in Gordon Avenue. Sandwell Council however largely forgot about this site as a result of that and though window dressing coppicing work and litter picking may have taken place, the elephant in the room- the heavily industrially polluted shit hole in the middle of a housing estate alluded them.

This survey below that I have scanned was apparently undertaken by The West Midlands County Council , but the date of 1988 cannot be right as this council was abolished in 1986? This does however note the pollution within the pool, though no water or more importantly sediment sampling took place to confirm what it was. 

millpool suvery WMCC

My earliest dealings with the Milky start in the mid 1980’s, and at this time the pool was not frequently polluted every day. Swans and other wildfowl were present, as the above survey attests and the reedbed areas that had no doubt been there for decades shielded much of the grime as it could.

What is clear from historic records however that I have obtained from an FOI request to The Environment Agency is how their predecessor, The National Rivers Authority became involved in investigating pollution of this pool, via the Hobnail brook traced back to The WH Keys site.

I set these out in chronological order with discussion. N.B some of these were not very well scanned by the EA, and they have also redacted names of individuals. It is also worth pointing out that I rely on the EA to have provided all the incidents they hold and cannot confirm that these are all the records that they hold, rather the ones they provided to me. The NRA records are also records that were reported to them, and therefore only reliant on members of the public reporting events. The pollution was likely happening many times unreported given the pathway off the W H Keys site. 

One issue which can be observed by this is the lack of identification of the chemicals involved or confusion, possibly because the staff are not able to test for specific chemicals but general parameters concerning oxygen levels , ph etc. Even today, the EA officers are still fucking clueless using the same crap equipment, and I note how they were unable to test for white phosphorus at Rattlechain lagoon, and set any consent limits to off site discharges FFS!

I also say I find it astounding that the officers in The National RIVERS Authority did not appear to investigate the pollution beyond the Millpool and Hobnail Brook itself, despite surely knowing that it feeds into The RIVER Tame via an outfall! If they did, then why did they not even mention this in the reports?


This attendance by the NRA is as we shall see a reactive one days after an incident has been reported to them- in this case by the RSPCA who have been out to rescue distressed birds- notably “a swan removed”. It is worth pointing out that their attendance may also have been days after the pollution occurred, with a member of the public only noticing something wrong by chance after the birds have been affected and become oiled. This could put the original pollution incident a week or more BEFORE the NRA even tested the pool or Hobnail Brook course. We therefore see them picking up the trail AFTER the polluter and the pollution have possibly left the scene- washing through via the outfall of the Hobnail Brook into the River Tame towards Bescot. 

They claim that the Hobnail Brook “feeder stream” has no pollution present, so this confirms how it has all gone through to the millpool and beyond fairly rapidly. The “residual bitumen” and the previous spill referred to perhaps demonstrate their inability to hold this company to account.

The subsequent hand written continuation of this page was poorly scanned by the EA, but it can be seen that W H Keys, named, had accepted responsibility and had attempted to clean up the areas of the pool, and no doubt the brook course pathway that they had contaminated. I don’t see this as acceptable on the part of the NRA that they left it at this, as the so called “residual bitumen”- a harmful substance in the aquatic environment was obviously still causing issues for birds- hence the RSPCA attendance.


Another “residual bitumen” reference a few weeks later, showing how this chemical that should never have been there was still causing problems and how it had not been removed from the pool it was affecting.

This incident refers again to a “previous significant pollution incident” with “residual bitumen” present on the lake. It is also clear that the vegetation, reed beds on the site were holding back and trapping the bitumen, thus causing more devastation to nesting birds within these areas. The fact that it was hidden and they left this is remiss of this authority, as is the fact that Keys were not prosecuted. The NRA as do the EA have no concept of what “significant” is when affected oiled birds are present, with very limited spills causing significant issues when they preen. Birds could also have flown off contaminated to other pools and then become affected after preening and rubbing more contamination into their feather structure.


This incident just a year later again involved “affected swans”. 

The subsequent page is more detailed than before and two different hand written reports are made which I have scanned separately for discussion.

“Lumps of tar and associated oil residues were coming out of the inlet to the pool (via the culverted Hobnail Brook).”

We therefore see a first hand account of the pathway into this pool and a description of the chemicals itself. They installed a boom at the culvert, though as has been seen already, the pollution would have now dispersed and been trapped within the reedbed areas.

I can reveal that the redacted name and organisation to be Jan Harrigan of Wychbold Swan Rescue. The RSPCA had brought in two oiled swans. It is clear that the RSPCA had not bothered to report the incident to the NRA! Pollution it is claimed was lingering on the banks of the pool- and thus could have washed back in with heavy rainfall.

Sandwell Council grassed up W H Keys as the likely source. What is concerning here is that it is claimed that no historic record of this was available, which is of course bullshit given the incident the previous year!

W H Keys were visited yet the cunt in charge did not know of a problem, but was obviously aware of the consequences of playing dumb. A manhole in Sussex Avenue, (at the bottom of the hill to the factory) revealed no visible pollution but a strong smell of tar.

The Keys idiot then claimed that they would clean up the pool, yet thought that this was another “residual incident”. What is clear to me and any other imbecile is that this was a frequent event under the incompetence of this site manager and the directors of this well connected polluter.

The subsequent visit just one day later written by someone else shows how this pollution becomes worse after rainfall, flushing more pollution out via the Hobnail Brook into the pool.

Again the company were left to clean up their mess.

A site meeting held the following week at their site reveals that someone from Sandwell Council lifted a manhole at “brook culvert immediately d/s (down stream) Key’s site. This confirmed tar/bitumen to have arisen from that site”. 

We therefore confirm here the source-pathway-receptor pollutant linkage between W H Keys and the Millpool via the Hobnail Brook. 

Once again the berk at Keys could not account for the company being at fault. What we get however is a cack handed attempt by Sandwell council to stop the issue, and one I believe could well have caused more serious issues years later when the fake “clean up” of this site took place. 

The particular drain was “partially blocked off” only and yet again it appears that Keys were not charged with the serious damage that they had caused.

23/6/91 or 2? The writer obviously did not know what year it was. 


The RSPCA had contacted the NRA again concerning pollution and affected birds at this site. Obviously the crap that had gone before and the pathetic suggestion to stop it happening again had not worked.

Once again a source from the Hobnail Brook via the culvert is known to have spewed out bituminous material into the milky. The NRA at least knew where to look this time.

“In view of the foregoing manholes on the culverted brook were lifted u/s (up stream) at Clarkes Lane and immediately d/s W H Key (sic) Ltd. Inspections at these locations indicated Keys to be the source although the amount of contamination now present was only minimal….” 

Once again this refers to a previous spillage and speculates that the historic contamination of this site was to blame though the mention of a penstock valve which was not fully closed is a vital piece of information which I put on record here as to events that would unfold later. “Upon inspection it was found that this valve was slightly open thereby allowing release of accumulated groundwater/bitumen mixture. “

The rest of the report appears to confirm the RSPCA had removed wildfowl “at risk” from the contamination in the millpool. Keys were again left to allegedly clean up their mess, though obviously not the ground underneath their works and the bitumen contaminated soils.

I am aware through subsequent visits when I came upon the scene that the millpool enjoyed a respite from the Keys contamination. The penstock valve appears to have worked up to a point as in the mid to late 90’s I did not observe any issues of the type aforementioned.

Taken around 1993/94

The biggest issue was due to flooding of nests in the reeds due to the way in which the Hobnail brook flushes out water into the milky during heavy rainfall. This resulted in a swan nest being flooded a couple of times, though they were successful on a couple of occasions after we had installed a raft on the pool which served as a safe point away from the edges of the pool.

The scene however would not last, and greater pollution issues would again affect these birds and the millpool from the same observed source W H Keys. 

The old Sandwell council logo on the street sign for Lindsey Road. Black bitumen laced products from WH Keys had been flowing underneath this road for decades via the Hobnail Brook. What an apt metaphor for the area.

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The Urban Village People

The West Midlands Combined Authority. We know a song about that entity…….

Young man, you got some brownfield land?
I said, young man, we’ll give you cash in your hand
I said, young man, yes we’ll build a new town
There’s no need to go to planning

Young man, yes we’ll fix it for you
I said, young man, protect our greenbelt view
You can stay there and I’m sure you will find
Many ways to have a good time

The public pays for the W.M.C.A.

the gravy train at the W.M.C.A.
we have everything
For young men to enjoy
You can hang out with all the boys

Gay GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The public pays for the W.M.C.A.

The public pays for the W.M.C.A.

Pile Of Money GIFs | Tenor

You can get yourself rich
You can have a good meal
You can do whatever you feel

Village People Cowboy GIF - VillagePeople Cowboy Pointing - Discover ...

Young man, are you listening to me?
I said, young man, what do you want to be?
I said, young man, you can make real estate dreams
But you’ve got to know this one thing

Rishi Rishi Sunak GIF - Rishi Rishi Sunak Rishi Rishi Rishi - Discover ...

No man, does it all by himself
I said, young man, hide your money on the shelf
And just go there, to the W.M.C.A.
I’m sure they can help you today

Gravy Train GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

The public pays for the W.M.C.A.
the gravy train at the W.M.C.A.

They have everything for young men to enjoy
You can hang out with all the boys

Pin on Male expression

The public pays for the W.M.C.A.
the gravy train at the W.M.C.A.

BROWN Money GIF - BROWN Money - Discover & Share GIFs

You can get yourself rich
You can have a good meal
You can do whatever you feel

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Young man, I was once in your shoes
I said, I was down and out with the blues
I felt, no man cared if I were alive
I felt the whole world was so jive

Image result for michael gove gif



That’s when someone came up to me

And said, young man, take a walk with Mayor Street
There’s a place there called the W.M.C.A.
They “build you back better” on your way


The-conservative-party GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

The public pays for the  W.M.C.A.

The public pays for the  W.M.C.A.

Brewsters Millions Money GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

They have everything
For young men to enjoy
You can hang out with all the boys

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Gifs de Peppa Pig

It’s fun to stay at the W.M.C.A.
Young man, young man, there’s no need to feel down
Young man, young man, pick yourself off the ground

Theresa May Dancing Africa GIF - Theresa May Dancing Theresa May Africa ...

The public pays for the W.M.C.A.
Young man, young man
Are you listening to me?
Young man, young man
What do you want to be?

Boris Johnson GIF by Level Theory - Find & Share on GIPHY

You buy in at the
Young man, young man
Does it all by himself
Young man, young man
Hide your money on the shelf


And just go to the
Young man, young man, I was once in your shoes
Young man, young man, I was down with blues


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Opinion- The WMCA is facilitating economic fraud- It’s time to choose a side



The polluter pays principle is usually defined as

“those who produce pollution should bear the costs of managing it to prevent damage to human health or the environment.”

The research that myself and others have done to uncover the original polluters, in my case the doomwatch list of West Midlands former landfill sites has been systematically hampered by civil servants- particularly in The Environment Agency who want to stop people finding out “what’s in your backyard”.  They want to stop people finding out the truth as to what waste was dumped there historically and the links to human and environmental health from being known. It was not hard to find out the companies who were despoiling the land prior to the 1990’s, or the individuals behind those companies- but they have attempted to make it harder to muddy the waters of history. One can only conclude they have done this because they are either bent, or their political paymasters have told them to, and they are also bent. 

An ENDS article by Danny Halpin explored some of the issues and featured the case of Rattlechain Lagoon. Building houses close to or on top of landfill sites is a bloody stupid idea- any fool would know that. But pretending to “clean them up”, making them “shovel ready” , the “brownfield first” policy and other such soundbites appears to be the new mantra of fake green credential politicians , whose real aim is to serve their masters in the construction industry whilst also helping their agricultural farming mates to land bank for another day. So we get “the housing crisis” and “climate emergency”- more fake doom promoted by their friends in the mainstream media and Globalist think tanks in an attempt to change our behaviour and make their cash building more palatable to a gullible coerced public.

History has shown that the former West Midlands County Council was an absolute shit show in terms of regulating toxic waste. Their legacy and its governance is the one which we are left with today.

At this time, and probably when their gravy train was finally  wound up in the mid eighties, the image below was the one they were trying to project- that of outsiders interfering in West Midlands matters and a faceless “them” defined by a man wearing a bowler hat in Whitehall.

The truth of the matter is, Whitehall continues to run the West Midlands and always has, the deception is with the visual fraud of “levelling up”, “growth areas” and other such terms which gravitate down. Add these to the aforementioned fake doom I have already mentioned and you can see how the political class attempt to sway the “calamity” from happening with the solutions to problems that do not really exist. Always question the narrative with PROBLEM- REACTION-SOLUTION and politicians. 

So then enter the man-beast bastard son of  this failed quango now known as “The West Midlands Combined Authority”. The authority formally came into being on 17th June 2016 but was created without any public vote or mandate to establish it. It was a political invention for which  some people are paid extra allowances for doing fuck all but blowing hot air in the press, oh and wearing a hardhat.

“Local” democracy devolution was the brainchild of Globalist war criminal scum bag Tony Blair and co. There was a no brainer in that London was the first to elect  a “metro mayor” in a referendum test as this particular area is known for its mental illness in inflicting self damage upon itself through electoral means and also supporting a Royal Family fascist autocracy without question. I base this on

  • Their tendency to re-elect the Khant, whose administration wants to ban cars, tax them for parking in their own street and making up statistics about air quality. They also of course chose Red Ken and Boris Johnson before that!
  • Their support for the biggest body mafia of fraud known as The European Union and wanting to remain a part of it.
  • Protesting every week about something or other in an echo chamber of their own back yard believing the rest of the country really give a shit.

Also not surprisingly, you can look to Northerners to see through bullshit and deal in common sense. A Referendum held in 2004 derailed the rollout of Barony across the UK when they rejected such a system there.

And so the Globalists then plotted a railroad without mandate with the “Cities and Local Government Devolution Act 2016” forcing mayors upon us without a vote. They all have the same “2030 agenda”, waffle about “climate emergencies” and want to set up zonal 15 minute cities or similar to lock us down. Transport on two wheels and rail building projects are their major MO. 

They are there simply to enact the vision of the Octopus World Economic Forum, and if you don’t believe me, then read this article as to where that vision wants to go.

At the helm of this useless vessel in The West Midlands is one Andrew Street– a former businessman from John Lewis and a completely dishonest man. His agenda is not making OUR lives better, not creating “affordable homes”- whatever that bullshit trite phrase even means, but building houses for the economic migrants that have been allowed to infest this country through protracted wars that have nothing to do with us and by the EU which wants to offload them onto us.

With birth rates falling in the native population in the UK, the house builder companies would not have any reason to be, and that is where their plan is eased by their political mates- for the last 13 years by the most corrupt and sleaze ridden party in UK politics history- The Conservative Party.

The swell of globalisation allows the excuse of breaking up the UK and its National identity into the regional bullshit zones where the dictators call the shots on behalf of their masters from Brussels and beyond. House building also supplies the crooked mates of the mayors in this sector to railroad through planning laws which have systematically been destroyed in favour of the developer and not residents. It allows the crooked agricultural industry to hang on a landbank their so called “greenbelt” . When the likes of Michael Gove come out with claiming that his Government would force through targets on councils, (in Labour areas of course), and yet ban such enforcements in rural Tory voting areas, you can see where the lie of “levelling up” is really going, and how people outside our area are really still calling the shots.

Businessmen make the very worst politicians as they construct a landscape in their favour- Problem-reaction-solution- for their own ends. Failed journalists make the second worst type of politician as they are so vain and narcissistic and have a symbiotic relationship with those they claim to be holding to account- think Boris Johnson, Anna Soubry, and of course “the miserable pipsqueak of a man” himself.

The house building target scam and “crisis” is one which is unravelling.

  • The homes are not affordable, and the developers do not pay their way and are allowed to change conditions almost immediately after approval.
  • They do not finish what they start and go easily into administration , only to rise like a phoenix as something else with the same directors.
  • Some companies excel at lying and dishonest selling like Barratt Homes, the ones who built houses on the former sewage works next to Rattlechain.
  • “brownfield” and “greenbelt” are terms that really mean surrendering Labour votes in towns and saving Tory votes in the Countryside.
  • A gravy train for the political class that attend a property investment event every year in the South of France. That sounds local to The West Midlands doesn’t it?
  • Unforeseen problems that exist on these brownfield sites such as mine shafts and gas pipelines FFS! . The coal authority is one of the biggest swindlers of information that is not historically correct, yet their records are misused by planning agents to give sites a clear bill of health.

The so called “Coseley new village” that is really going to impact Tipton and not Conservative controlled Dudley.

Added to this we see land in our region owned by one of its worst polluters- Severn Trent. Street’s regime has seen it do deals with this body, as his party have systematically failed to hold the privatised water industry to account and still pollute our few green spaces with impunity.  He also of course bigged up The Commonwealth Games in the now bankrupt city that had the ghastly STW as one of its sponsors. Yet still this denialist joke believes it was a big success, and good money is thrown after bad with woke non entity sports getting tax payers cash. 

Birmingham tax payers will be paying off this debt for a generation, and yet Andy Street thinks kabaddi is a vote winner- well maybe it is for some in the region. 😉

New policy introduced by The Conservatives including the ridiculous “biodiversity net gains” will see the creation of phantom “forests” and wank “wetlands” – more in practice a run off ditch for Severn Trent Water’s shite like the one below. The “Eco homes” sham with their electric chargers outside will not address the cobalt mines killing kids in foreign countries, and the disposal issues of these types of batteries. All show- no sense in practice.

Brownfield building is a con which pays and rewards the polluter and does not make them pay. The West Midlands Combined Authority headed by Street has already seen it pay public money to clear up contaminated land that the polluter did not deal with. 

“those who produce pollution should bear the costs of managing it to prevent damage to human health or the environment.”

As part of a campaign leaflet, he had the guile to even tell us how much public money was being used to pay to “clean up” private land.

  • We again get here the fictitious “covid crisis”- the fascistic imprisonment of The British people between 2020-2021. Politicians kept the construction industry open of course because their own money is heavily planted within this sector. They also of course constructed fraudulent PPE contracts for themselves and their cronies and are lying thieving criminals for doing so.
  • It is claimed that he negotiated £350 million- so therefore proves that money is still coming from a central place in Whitehall.
  • The “clean up” is of private land- the polluter does not pay- we do.  What is to boast about that? Waste contractors and those who filled holes with rubbish should pay, and not us.
  • He talks of Friar Park- the Severn Trent owned land that the bent deal was done with- a multi million pound private company failing to pay its way and clear up its own sites. Fuck off Andy you are a conman in a suit stealing money from the public purse, robbing Peter to pay Paul. 

A very dirty deal

In the coming months before May, I will be unravelling the Brownfield building scam and the WMCA polluter doesn’t pay fraud for what it is in a number of posts.

  • I have already listed two parts of the former Shidas Lane fiasco, SEE HERE, AND HERE, and will be outlining the third as to how the legacy of Accles and Pollack and then a prolific foundry sand dumper making a habit out of not paying for pollution was scraped out using tax payers cash to create an ambulance base. In between, a highly dubious Jersey registered company suddenly sold this land prior to it receiving tax payers money for “clean up”, with Mike Birds Conservative Walsall council strangely being named on the title register deeds as lender. Bird of course is one of the WMCA big spongers getting extra cash himself for a position no one elected him to do.

Registered in Jersey- A BIG RED FLAG , and run through a law firm in the UK.

Street had this to say when I questioned him on tax havens and giving money to bodies based “off shore” in 2017, and his response was fairly evasive in itself I have to say

“The general point on that- (long pause), It’s not what one would hope for quite frankly, but I er, I don’t think we can rule it out just for that. We could set a criteria, I don’t think we’ve done it but I always hope and my record on this which I’ve made very clear- I’ve always said that companies must be domiciled here, must pay their tax here , that was the debate with amazon . So I think I’ve got good form on this but can’t actually rule something out in this of being able to apply for the fund.”

So there it is, a green light to register a company for years and dodging tax, and then setting up or “selling it” to a UK intermediate handler to be able to get tax payers cash for purposes of eventual sale without paying anything to clean it up themselves- that is what the WMCA via Street are promoting. 

  • I will be outlining the pollution of Millpool in West Bromwich and the fraudulent “ultra heat treatment” used by the scam and scum house builder company known as “Mar City Developments” and one of the worst and most incompetent run factories in the country- W H KEYS LIMITED. 
  • Then there is the land at Bourne Street in Coseley as well as many others that Street salivates over building houses on crap land for his mates.

It is also worth noting that Street has made an attempt at a so called “hostile takeover” of the other non mandated position of “Police and Crime Commissioner” where quite frankly politicians should not be allowed to interfere in police affairs- least of all from investigating tax evasion, money laundering abroad and malfeasance in public office.

In 2024 it will be first past the post and not the supplementary transfer votes system which means that this has yet again turned into a Conservative/Labour show and demonstrates how they have both orchestrated something the public never voted for into the familiar two horse fascistic race. Democracy?- don’t make me fucking laugh.

I will of course be examining the credentials of the Labour Mayoral candidate as we progress, with any other minor parties not worth bothering with, as they stand no chance in hell of being elected. My concern is two cheeks, same arse.



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