Educating “plebs” and Willy Peter.


This type of material at least used to be taught in schools. It is a good indicator of how chemicals used for industry originated, and it can be clearly seen that the Twentieth Century, particularly the later half is where the money was to be made- VERY OFTEN WITH CHARLATAN CONSEQUENCES.

This “turning point” is when the chemical industry realised that they could mass produce chemicals for medicinal purposes, whether they were safe or not, to a troubled public with anxiety about health issues. Reaching for a quick fix would be passed from parent to child.

The industry also relies on a new batch of recruits to continue the practice, like cloning the new scientists and weeding out the chaff with a set of exams and experiments. Whereas this may be a personal journey for the would be child scientist at school, the chemical industry does not just have its profligates teaching science in schools.

In evaluating how science is taught to the masses we should look no further than the Ministry of Information. MI7  never really disbanded after WW2,  but became  The British Broadcasting Corporation.

For your £145.50 mixed in with the politically correct programming policy, vacuous celebrity competitions and duller than dish water soaps, you will find the carefully placed prime time science friendly programmes. Tomorrow’s World was the forerunner- a well placed advertising opportunity for the chemical industry et al to promote themselves at the taxpayers expense- with a view to promoting a new product that would be out in a few years time that would ‘change our lives.’

Other programmes combined “science fun” with booms, slime and bangs on childrens TV- all harmless fun, or was it? David Bellamy and Johnny Ball were for years Auntie’s favourite science uncles, until they started to go off Gov and they were promptly dropped from the programming schedules.

Not very subtle really- but neither is the message- a promotion of Government science policy through their propaganda channel- the BBC. News 24  frequently gives air time (to fill it), with others from the same fields. We now get GM foods, fracking, pharmaceutical research- all linked in with the chemical industry attempt to sway us into their way of thinking with  faces chosen to explain how uncomplicated the complicated can be.

The chemical industry have always been a secretive club- like the magician not revealing their tricks- or their research and patents- until they want it scrutinized which is where the peer review comes in. But in reality this merely serves to further more research- a chain of investigation which keeps them in curry for many a year without ever having to reach a conclusion.


Albright and Wilson had many links with universities, especially The University of Birmingham, where many of its future workforce would be cloned to serve their turn upon others who had gone before. Below are pages from a company prospectus from the early 1950’s for the new graduate. It explains the type of career that the company could offer.






….and telling a pack of lies to environmental campaigners.



The commercialisation of schooling through so called academies now allows business an opportunity to fiddle young minds with their corporate propaganda like never before.

If such science based business are allowed access to the potential pool of “new talent” in schools it will not result in ground breaking British scientists, but a new “turning point” set of unquestioned limits of morality and where their idea of progress should end. A world full of scientists, where theirs is the only way is just the same as a world full of religious zealots; not a free thinking society but an indoctrinated tribe.

If Albright and Wilson had run academies back in their boom years of the 1950’s, the students there would no doubt have been indoctrinated with not just how wonderful the founding families were as prophets, but how great the company was in the world and how the chemicals that they made had a purpose that changed lives for the better. This is what  they were preaching to both their employees and local communities who would suffer as a consequence. All the benefits of phosphorus chemistry are put forward, but never the dark side that propelled its 20th Century use in warfare.

The chemical industries grooming of children in schools can start by someone in the company introducing something as omnipotent as a colouring competition or poetry competition into the school, with the theme about what the company do, thus connoting to the young children that “the chemical industry is good”, “the chemical factory at the end of your schoolyard is good.”

By “working” with local schools, the industry utilises the control of its communities- “the future belongs to us.”

The picture below shows part of the “fun” side of white phosphorus. Not shown to these potential new workers are its direct toxic effects in the environment on being “stored” under water in Rattlechain lagoon.