The toxic players


In order to gather an informed opinion of the waste stream that has historically been deposited into Rattlechain  lagoon, it is necessary to explore the origin from which it came, namely the former Albright and Wilson Factory at Trinity Street Langley, Oldbury West Midlands subsequently owned by Rhodia UK Ltd and now The Solvay Group. The historic disposal of waste, planning history on the site and the nature of the processes involved are also of relevance. The geographical context of industry in the area and the transport links which served them are equally important. There is a great deal of overlap of subject areas, and where possible these will be referenced on this website.

AW trinity

It is clear from historic research, that toxic releases , chemical leaks,  dirty smells and fatal incidents occurred at this site throughout the 2oth century collectively telling the story of how dangerous this site was to the wider area. It continues to be a danger to the present day operating under Top Tier pollution legislation