Albright’s toxic archives #46 The Wilson/Threlfall retirement Powwow


They did like their social gatherings in “the society of friends” and banquets and feasts- from pig to man and from man to pig again.  I have already revealed the centenary event of 1951 held at The Savoy Hotel and the vast guest list. It was an ode to gluttony of the high class Quaker parasites, many of whom were blood sports enthusiasts. I cannot convey how much I hate and despise the society of friends and all their ideas political and social engineering wise– they were eugenicists and their octopus tentacles spread through political, business and other links where they could manipulate policy to further their avarice through “social policy reform”. They pulled the strings of puppets in their control- particularly in local Government and planning and health circles and they are to be detested for this whilst maintaining some pious position in matters of war where the outcome whichever way would benefit their favour.

I have recently found another gem of a do, this time located far away from grimy phosphorus polluted Oldbury and certainly Rattlechain lagoon.

This particular event held 12 years after the centenary shindig saw the retirement bash of the author of the book “100 years of phosphorus making “ Richard Evelyn Threlfall and John Cristopher Wilson, more usually referred to as “Christopher Wilson”. 

Before I get to that let’s look at a biography of these two particular gentlemen. We’ll start with Wilson first- a this was your life moment if you like.

John Christopher Wilson 

This gormless looking bastard was the son of  George Wilson and Grandson of founder John Edward Wilson, aka “Uncle Albert”. The younger of two brothers, the elder one called Kenneth, Christopher as he was usually referred to arrived at Oldbury in 1919, became a director in 1921 and secretary in 1932. He remained on the board until his retirement in 1963.

Quaker bandits

In terms of marriage, the brothers Wilson obviously had a passion for a little chocolate desert. Kenneth appears to have gone for a Cadbury creme egg, whereas our man Chris appears to have preferred a little Fry‘s Turkish delight fetish. 😛

We can therefore see how the Quakers married within their own kind, eugenicists that they were, as their “villainous tribe” monopoly of certain industries was strengthened by eradicating the competition. Note the other names that appear here in the Wilson tree, Lloyds, in particular appear to have been a banking favourite.

JC was another Oxbridge oik . Allegedly he fought in ww1 and was wounded at The Somme. I am somewhat surprised at this given the supposed pacifist nature of the Quakers but quite a bit went on in those trenches and not all of it actually happened at all- stolen valour?.

The picture below I believe was taken in 1967, after the retirement, but shows the two brothers still involved in affairs at this company. This was another Albright World spin piece. Though they may be sitting down, they are in control of affairs with an index card system as though those queueing have to wait their turn. I bet none of those standing made it to the retirement gig.


Richard Evelyn Wilson. 

We have this man to thank for the largely unverified accounts of what went on at Trinity Street and beyond between the years 1851-1951. I have already taken apart many of the embellishments, particularly concerning the Albright and Wilson war record. Some of this I’m not sure if he just made up. For example the claims about Lord Haw Haw calling out Albright and Wilson I have found no evidence for in archive material concerning Joyce, and there is no artefact cited to back up the claim in the book. There are also several transcription errors in the book, of which I have several copies, and one of them has pencil crossings out which appear to have been added by someone in the know.

Many of Threlfall’s stories have found their way into more modern history books, but I would be careful when using these as they may not be true.

The Threlfall family appear to have been a unique example of the society of friends using a wider circle for their aims. Sir Richard Threlfall, the patriarch walrus faced behemoth, had his sons W.B Threlfall and R.E Threlfall follow in his footsteps amongst the director dignitaries at Phosphorus towers setting them up before he croaked in 1932. The elder brother R.E was a former managing director at Stourbridge glass firm Plowden and Thompson, which specialised in laboratory apparatus. Posh school boy Dicky went to Oundle and then Caius College Cambridge. 

It appears that the brothers Threlfall were also blood sport enthusiasts, and the younger W.B was quite at home in one of the capitals of animal cruelty- Ireland, spending many years at the AW Ibex works. It is written by R.E Threlfall that “their boyhood (had) been initiated by their father into “The Wild Sports of The West of Ireland“, the love of which they never lost”. 

Wild Kraken Octopus GIF - WildKraken Octopus DancingOctopus - Discover ...


It firstly has to be said that this appears a down market and rather plain menu card compared to the gold leaf specimen from 1951. Of course, the paedophile logo gives a clue as to the company at large from which these two belonged.

Tallow Chandlers Hall is no doubt a part of the London mason mafia of livery companies, and would have been the perfect choice for the society of friends. Based in Southwick, it is a million miles away from Oldbury.

It is perhaps not a surprise with the aquatic actors at this do that there was  fish life on the menu that night- of course any molluscs  would have been virtual cannibalism for the black ink squirting Quaker bastards. 😆

A French theme pervades the palette. There was Mouse of Pâté and tongue followed by Grilled Trout and anchovy butter.

A throwback to the hunting scum saw roast grouse and the trimmings.

A canapé Diane is I have discovered, a hot canapés of rectangles of buttered toast, topped with slices of bacon and chicken livers. Absolutely fucking revolting. 😡

Fruit and coffee was also on offer, but let’s get to the continental plonk which is where the champagne liberals really spent their money whilst no doubt toasting the poor of Oldbury. Bottoms up old boys!

Meursault Chamres 1959– a white wine

Chambolle Musigny 1955– A red wine

Croft 1945 A Port- I’ll recommend a much cheaper one from 2023 than this especially to economic migrants coming across the channel.

Hine V.S.O.PA brandy



After their retirement just to link a few pages I have already put together.. Wansborough Jones took over on retirement 

The 1960’s would see the disastrous Long Harbour venture which nearly put them out of business.

The end of the two vile families investiture into the board would cease with the retirement of war dodger Bill Albright in 1980. 

Of course, you and I can only dream of feasting like the Sea World kings, but this Christmas, I’ve decided to have some old “friends” for dinner- bon appétit!

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