Bending Science- book review and 2023 perspective opinion

“How special interests corrupt public health research.”

The title of this 2008 published book drew me in, because I already knew the playbook having experienced the long denials of an multinational company spinning lies and deceit about their waste dumping activities and the principal chemical which was poisoning my environment and birds within it.

This extensively researched book may be an insight into the American state, but it is universal when applied to the UK or any other so called “democracy” where insidious forces are at work that are not on the side of the public but on protecting and lying about safety issues surrounding chemicals and drugs to shield a corporate brand.

It is particularly also relevant to the last three years of a globalist “pandemic” hoax and the vaccine fraud and cover up of harms done by big pharma in the pursuit of control and coercion that has gone with it on society by psychological actors in the field of “public” health. As far as I am concerned “social science” is no science at all.

Thomas McGarity and Wendy Wagner come from a law background¬† and examine how science can be believed when it comes to informing public policy. The idea that one should “follow the science” to use the overused phrase is laid bare in this book where this clearly has been corrupted by following the money of those who want their “science” bought and bent by advocates posing as fake scientists. The conflicts of interest and the manner in which academia has been bought to produce favourable reports has been clear to see in recent times.

In particular they point out that unfavourable studies are filtered out or supressed in the “pipeline” for new chemicals or drugs and do not make it into published scientific journals. They are buried or manipulated in the peer review stage. These conflicts of interest are usually only ever investigated by independent media or those in law who act on behalf of those harmed.

We therefore see the tactics of “spinning”, “packaging”, “harassing”, “attacking”, “hiding” and “shaping” science to bend it by corporate interests.

We are introduced to the tobacco industry cover ups and denials, as well as Rachael Carson being attacked when criticising the harm of pesticides in Silent Spring.

I have given examples of how industry actors like Peter Bloore et al supressed and covered up Albright and Wilson’s harmful chemical releases, as well as telling outright provable lies. The book outlines topics such as

  • The US Government’s suppression of information following the Manhattan Project with Beryllium poisoning.
  • Merck Corporations Vioxx was more harmful causing significant increased risk of heart attacks than they claimed.
  • The asbestos industry also followed this model when even since the 1930’s they were aware of harm done to animals. They attacked scientists who were exposing their fatal chemical.
  • Diacetyl provides an artificial butter taste in popcorn, but is responsible for causing “popcorn lung.”
  • The sleeping pill Halcion (Triazolam), and the concerns of its misuse and adverse effects being supressed.

Of course, I am fully aware that Albright and Wilson/Rhodia were well aware of the damage that white phosphorus does to animals and man, and yet they bent science by claiming that “it’s the stuff used in toothpaste” to supress the truth about their waste. Of course, this was happening back in the 19th Century when the match industry was in denial about the harm that p4 lucifer matches were doing with phossy jaw. It would of course take many years to ban this, but only then not a universal ban and one where exports abroad could continue.

AW lied about leaks, fires, their chemicals causing eutrophication, and just about everything, and they are typical of the chemical industry at large. The environmental consultant industry is also complicit in covering up contaminated land with their whitewashed analysis of soils and other matter. It is clear to see how cheque book science can buy you what you want dressed up as “independent”.¬†

We have seen pesticides like paraquat banned eventually in the EU due to the clear links with Parkinson’s disease, and yet this industry still attempts to bend the science by suppressing information. The UK manufacturer that creates this brown glut of death is still exporting it abroad to do harm.


This book unfortunately despite offering shards of hope as to how science can be straightened again has only seen it now bent beyond hope in 2023. Indeed, scientists are now all so bent , they are more bent than The Village People playing twister in The Crooked House. Rather than law and law makers offering some form of buffer to stop advocates lying about their chemicals and drugs, these industries have colluded with science and big pharma to use all of the tactics expressed in the 2008 book.

I would recommend buying this book to wake up to what has happened since January 2020, and now how we are seeing the thaw of the bent bastards who signed letters in a certain medical journal claiming that talk of lab leaks from a place in China were “conspiracy theories”. Follow the money and you will find the dirty American dollars and dirty Euros that fund gain of function research, that creates unnatural harms to then milk a payday for vaccines.

The idea that young healthy people should be exposed to experimental vaccines they did not need by being coerced into doing so by the media, politicians and by public health cunts standing on podiums with three phrase platitudes is pure evil. It is the epitome of bent science; making symptoms of a cold like virus with a death rate <1% so broad that people believe they have it, and that it could kill their Gran.

We now see thankfully action being taken against AstraZeneca and hopefully the “science” as to how this clot shot fucking bile ever made it into people’s arms will be fully explored. As for those that allowed it to, one can only hope that their latter years will be filled with pain and agonised suffering, to which there is no scientific cure except a one way trip to Switzerland.

You can back the fight for those trying to seek compensation from this offshoot of ICI HERE.

When one looks at this book in terms of recent times it will serve as a prophecy one day of what the certain scientists were up to in bending science and hopefully that eventually their pure evil will be exposed and not hidden by corporate media, bought political figures and bent scientists eager to follow their bent scientific research in the same bent halls of academia from which they bent the science to start with.

Bending Science – Google Books

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