A chain reaction?


I’m not sure what is going on with the electric company Western Power at the moment, but they have been like a bad dose of the clap in Winter’s chill in the Black country area in recent times. Road sides and pavements dug up and cordoned off, temporary traffic lights abounding also. They and their contractors also made a right spectacle in Wednesbury, 

sparking a biblical flood and hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage.

In terms of Rattlechain, they even made it down John’s Lane leading to Temple Way of all places, stopping right outside the front turquoise gates of everyone’s favourite Hazardous waste area site!


If this was all part of some co-ordinated programme of works dealing with properties in neighbouring Callaghan Drive, one has to wonder whether it was just pure coincidence that Rhodia/Solvay’s contractors Belgian firm Heyrman De Roeck turned up at the same time and were pottering about inside the hazardous waste area. I can’t imagine why Belgian owned Solvay wouldn’t be thinking of “finding it local” in Sandwell and using Belgian firm Heyrman De Roeck instead? 🙄

Or perhaps they were more worried in case a similar scenario to the one in Wednesbury unfolded with a mini digger near to the white phosphorus laced lagoon. It would be a real disaster wouldn’t it if a leak was sprung and the lot went down the pan into the sewers ?

It was clear that the Flemish fellows had had boats on the water, but what were they up to?  Another round of dosing the pool with acidic substances to lower the ph, in order to fiddle the ERM “monitoring” figures?

Here’s a reminder of what I caught them doing dumping in 2014 with aluminium sulphate.

Later in the week they were strimming the South side of the lagoon banks . But what looked suspiciously like a dead gull, lesser black backed or herring was dead in the same area.

At the same time a group of nine swans decided they had had enough and took flight from the site. By no means whatsoever does the appearance of birds at this site indicate anything regards “safety” of the site. There were birds on here that survived for long periods of time when they were still dumping waste, and there were those that died from white phosphorus poisoning after just hours of being on there. “Rhodia roulette” you might call it when dabbling in the shallows.

This blog will be taking a little summer break over the next month to work on some more pages and investigations. There are also the ludicrous “garden city” plans still in the air which has no local support. Of course, we should be aware of how some would like to bury a toxic history for commercial gains, but things have a very perculiar way of coming to the surface, like for example the phosphine gas that was bubbling to the surface even as the Belgians were actively engaged in green management. Hopefully they didn’t suffer any “instant radiation” or loose their hats this time:lol:


Take it away Diana……………….


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