Napoleon plumbs new depths


Load of old barrels

The last couple of days have seen Napoleon on the spud barge stirring up more rubbish on the East embankment, following his retreat from the North side. Another Albright and Wilson barrel with what looked like solidified material inside was left floating around, and was still there today. Accompanied by the scary looking lollipop man complete with his measuring stick, work kept stopping, presumably to take phosphine gas readings. But was the battery working on the Draeger PAC III this time I wonder? No problem to Napoleon who advanced down the Eastern flank towards the beach area.




Today he was joined on site by a potential mate Thunderbird 4, who already comes with the name “aurora”, though this “dawn” looks rather faded and old.


Thunderbird please go!

Both Naploleon and Bonaparte were clearly competing to see who was the Alpha male, gathering up reeds already ripped up earlier in the campaign as lollipop man raked over the remnants.




Rakey Rakey

Bonaparte’s offering nearer the causeway path was to uncover the failed geotextile membrane trial laying exercise that had gone before.


Load of old sheet.


Thunderbird 4 didn’t look that impressed with either of them, and neither did a passing buzzard,perched on a tree on the North embankment that Napoleon had felled previously.┬áPresumably it was looking for a meal, unaware that with white phosphorus, it is poisonous to secondary predators. Seeing enough it flew towards Sheepwash.



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