A New Year’s resolution- question more about the past

What lies beneath Rattlechain Lagoon started in 2013 shortly before works legally required by the company owning the site commenced to minimally satisfy regulator environmental standards. That is the truth of the matter, the only truth, but not the one put forward by the company, or to a large extent the local press who merely printed off regurgitated statements by Rhodia/Solvay concerning “pool clean up”.


Shepherds warning

Much has been written lately about “post truth” and “fake news” , and this is a real problem for bloggers and whistle blowers when you are to a large extent up against the spin of public relations bullshitters who have similar contacts within journalistic circles to further disseminate their manipulated truth to a wider gullible audience . Add to this toxic mixture political spin doctors who manipulate truth, and there appears to be little that can be decanted between truth and lies. So called “fact checking” websites are also tainted by political funding and with questionable staff writers with political affiliations and  are not “facts” at all but more spin.

As we end 2016, we are coming to the end of probably the weakest and most impotent US presidents and administrations that has ever existed. Mainstream media was kind to Obama, largely on the mere fact of his personal appearance fitting the times, and as has been the case throughout history, this was contrasted with the token bad guy card from which the enlightened “defender of the free” protects those unquestioning and uneducated folks who cannot comprehend such global  instability or threats from abroad. In truth- there was never ANY threat at all- except from that within. We are little different in status from what is reputed to be taking place from within North Korea, though the West just doesn’t like to question its own systems. This is how political unions work, and the best illustration of how some “outside threat” can be used to keep people in check can be found in the film “the village”.

For years Russia was the great Western villain, and then a whole series of middle east dictators fitted the bill, whilst the Bushes and Clintons ransacked home. The so called “Arab Spring” was a front for squaring up to the most likely  Arab country to develop the bomb- Iran, and one by one the globalists plotted to topple foreign governments like a series of dominoes with the pretence of a “democracy” that their own people have truly never known or enjoyed. Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Clinton, Obama- the architects of Islamic State. History will not be kind to these evil manipulating war mongering globalist bastards- but we live in a time where they were allowed to get away with it because the BBC , CNN and other “journalists” tailored their rhetoric into false truths to sell to a people who were too ignorant to question it.

When I see  John Kirby, US assistant secretary of State for public affairs,   I see a truly desperate man. Look into his eyes deeply and you can see he knows that the game is now up as the lines grow ever more entrenched on his sanguine vacant staring face, and that his time of spinning yarns is almost past. Worst of all he knows that others without any political allegiance like myself can see it written across his greying physiognomy, because you can hide many things, but never non verbal communication and the tells.

Whatever the future holds with Trump, and it may or may not be worse; probably much worse environmentally, we at least know that it will be different.


Back in the Oldbury microcosm, telling it like it is isn’t something that those at Trinity Street have ever done, especially to their community and employees. On the latter, I largely give up in knowing what it is that has meant so many individuals have pledged their health to a company which gave them little but ill health, but there is something in the air around Langley akin to The Stepford wife syndrome.

A “residents” committee gathers from time to time , possibly summoned like a call to prayer to Trinity Street by the wailing warning sirens, to be treated to factory inspection tours. It has been going on for some time, but on analysis it largely consists of small groups who from time to time have received some financial support from Albright and Wilson/Rhodia/Solvay. Generosity may well buy loyalty, and so does rewriting history when they pay local history groups to write books that can only be described as PR advertising.

Before I started this blog, I was told by a Sandwell council insider that the company “gave money to the council and police”, and I don’t doubt that in the case of Sandwell as they never seem to investigate anything bad associated with this company. Complaints have to be made several times and they appear to “cop a deaf one” over issues of pollution and planning enforcement. They instead look to The environment agency to lead on such matters.

Of course the environment agency at Rattlechain, as well as elsewhere have shown themselves to be unable to detect urine if they were standing in a bath full of their own frozen piss. But they all continue to take it out of someone who is not in the pay of anyone, and for this reason some with very close and cosy connections to Albright and Wilson/Rhodia/Solvaystill proclaim that there is “myth and lies” surrounding rattlechain lagoon. I still fail to see what this really is except their total denial of a truth that is different to the one that they have been fed by money talking to them.

Truth is a drum beat that echoes your heart, and I will continue to write about it for many years to come.

“Kiss me where the sun don’t shine, The past was yours, the future’s mine”




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