Rattlechain 200- The white phosphorus legacy


So 200 blogposts with the 200th page also now up.  This concerns Rhodia’s dirty dozen part 2.

When I started this website it was with the intention of revealing the story behind many years of struggle to determine what was killing wildlife in my local area. I received next to no help from any regulatory authority or top table wildlife organisations.

Yet by persistence, chance and some informative experts on the subject matter, the truth was exposed. WHITE PHOSPHORUS DUMPED BY A LOCAL FORMER MULTI-NATIONAL WAS KILLING WILDFOWL ON RATTLECHAIN LAGOON.

But there was so much more, and still more to reveal about this site, which is why it will continue into the foreseeable future.

CHEMICALS AFFECT COMMUNITIES, and are ruining lives all over the world, yet the chemical industry do not care; they exist for profit in an unsustainable world where the consumer is poisoned by their own selfish lifestyle choices, and many unseen in dark corners of the world by the process which feeds that.

Before knowing what was in the sediment at Rattlechain I stated in a television interview that I thought it was something in the sediment that was killing the birds, whilst Rhodia talked about water tests. Sometimes you have to go with gut feeling, and on this issue I have been totally vindicated. WHITE PHOSPHORUS HOWEVER REMAINS BURIED UNDER WATER AT RATTLECHAIN LAGOON.



Rhodia- your secrets are NOT safe with me




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