Nobheads 2- the sequel

I had found some full containers labelled Ortho-phosphoric acid. I called the Environment Agency who did not believe it was up to them to remove said containers of chemical but they would call Sandwell council to do the job.

This week it appears that “CSI SERCO” have appeared. There are many parts of Sandwell that were going to feature in a real life crime documentary called “CSI Sandwell”- until the police told the programme makers that the victims and potential murderers ¬†all had the same DNA (half horse), and no teeth.


The taped off containers still there



I am hoping that the nob heads who dumped this “litter” will claim it, but not too long a wait I hope before the nob heads who haven’t removed it do so.

On the rattlechain front we give you “part 5 of how do you solve a problem like the mere?”


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