Water falls

Two different sites, same feature- a fall of water.

Dartmouth park, West Bromwich- the much promoted “splash pad” which broke down on the first day leaving several blushes no doubt. £150,000 this cost- adding to the other clutter of junk that now crowds the site.


What wonderful crowds they have attracted and what wonderful piles of litter left behind.


Trouble is Sandwell council and Friends of Dartmouth park- what are you going to do when the lottery money runs out? Where will the replacement money come from if something goes wrong- will you be ordering more German equipment that you can’t find the parts for? This council has a history of providing unsustainable gimmick structures that do not pay for themselves.

Rattlechain lagoon “splashpad” for birds


Its been on now for many weeks most of the time, but still no real explanation what for. It is blowing back the “chemically treated water” mist onto the North embankment however and upward towards the canal offsite.


A far cheaper option perhaps, or maybe not – I bet the pier didn’t come cheap.

Call it Karma or premonition but water and biblical events seem to be playing out of late.

At the lagoon some “doves” appeared before the storm clouds gathered.



One of them even carrying a twig whilst displaying- but I feel it may be a little too early.


The gathering storm

At Victoria park Tipton, home of the “relocated” missing Canada geese a “community event” was cancelled due to the deluge of weather.





Never mind you need to be prepared for all eventualities. I’m starting to build an ark- and first on will be Canada geese. I might send them out to fly and see if they can find some dry land in Sandwell. You never know when these once in a one hundred year flood events may occur.


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