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We have gone off on a bit of a tangent of late concerning the liars at Sandwell council and their murdering ways concerning the Canada geese. But don’t think you’re off the hook Rhodia/Solvay as you should know by now that “I am a man with a very particular set of skills, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.” Multi tasking a speciality.


Turning a harmless bird into a monster is what they are trying to do, but they are the monsters


If only the likes of DEFRA, Natural England and the AHVLA cared about “native species” that were poisoned by an unnatural non-native chemical dumped by a polluting British chemical company. I remember dealing with some bloke called Herrity at some organisation or other connected with “wildlife surveillance”- waste of bloody space entirely. Would never have got anywhere from anyone in a .gov organisation, and the truth would never have been revealed.

If only “the coalition of the shilling” -Sandwell council, The health and Safety Executive, The Environment agency, and The Health Protection Agency cared about the threat to human health posed by the chemicals concerned at Rattlechain  instead of protecting business. But they didn’t care and we not them have exposed how wildlife and people were being threatened by this toxic lake of death.

This is separate to the proven poisoning of lakes with Albright and Wilson  phosphates over the years, and the unseen or monitored release into the water catchment of calcium phosphates from a source known to contain thousands of tonnes of calcium phosphate pumped under discharge consent into the Birmingham Canal.



But whereas certain chemical companies are no doubt  Corporate  killers, there exists an even worse serial killer which exists out there- the serial killer in denial about what they have done, to the point that they will invent stories of going to a better place- a heaven like Nirvana, just like those who peddle religion find it easy to almost convince themselves in the fairy story that they tell to their grandchildren after also going to feed the ducks and that death is not the finality that it really is. I am talking about Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.

This non- entity of an authority is 40 years old this year and has always been throughout under Labour control. Currently 70 out of 72 councillors are Labour elected. They must feel pretty smug, but looking at some of their mugshots, it is plain to see that many of them and their forebears are “non-native” to Great Britain. Some of them are also not exactly an example of an Aryan master race either being both old and also grossly obese, even though they appear to support extermination policy of a certain species.  Should I point this out- well yes I am going to because it is the truth. Like many in the officer category in the council, they cannot claim relatives going back and living here since 1665 when the Canada goose  was first brought here, as previously mentioned -by white land owning slave-masters against its will. They were not economic migrants.

Canada geese eat what they can get and largely graze on the little grass that surrounds park pools, with water borne vegetation very poor in urban areas, largely as a result of the use of pesticides such as DDT. On some park islands in Sandwell nothing grows. This is not the Canada gooses fault but that of some over zealous park gardeners of the past. This council does nothing to address this issue.


It’s just grass for fucks sake, get over it and your paranoia of shit

Whereas the Canada goose is “non-native”, people of non- native origin enjoy protection from discrimination through equality laws passed relatively recently in this country’s  history. At the same time as these type of laws are strengthened through progressive European human rights legislation, so the rights of “non- native” animals get ever weaker and more prejudiced by European bureaucratic bigots and their ignorance.

The Conservative party in power have shown themselves to be an anti wildlife party fuelled on killing things for farming and business interest- hence the abhorrent “infrastructure bill.” But Labour claim to be the party for animal welfare, having passed the Hunting with Dogs Act amongst others. There is also the The Labour Animal Welfare society  (LAWS) who campaign for the rights of animals within the political sphere. They rightly call for an end to Government backed culls of wildlife.

But what do Labour do in power when they have it -such as in Local authority dictatorships such as Sandwell?


  • Sandwell council kills Canada geese in secret yet tries to deny it.
  • Sandwell council are a Labour run authority promoting we are supposed to believe equality and animal welfare policy.
  • They condemn the CON-DEMS for things like the badger cull because of class issue, yet in power themselves instigate the exact same measures against other animals and birds whose relatives have been here longer than theirs.

In our time of rescuing injured wildfowl in this borough, of all types regardless of species, we have received nothing but criticism, ignorance, apathy and downright malevolence from this local authority- and the majority of its officers. Some rangers have helped us but others (who strangely buggered off to France in retirement 🙂 😀 D did nothing but spread lies about us as mischief- makers.

I personally have dealt with this,

Timothy Michael Lampitt-scum




swan shot dead


and this




Goose shot with crossbow bolt removed at vets

and many, many more like it, all of them caused by the wilful destruction of human hands, yet all these incidents combined do not tally up or compare with the number of birds that JOHN SATCHWELL, PARKS MANAGER AT SANDWELL METROPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL chose to murder in the park that they shared with him as a neighbour. This act of murder was worse, and he and his authority are worse than any of the perpetrators of the senseless wanton vandalism detailed above, or any that I have ever read about anywhere else.

It was pre-planned, clandestinely executed and then denied- all the hall marks of the serial killer.


Sometimes a line has to be drawn and from now on we will no longer be using the name “Sandwell” in our group- we are just “swanwatch”. We no longer wish to be associated with this pathetic borough, its one man dictatorship and its murder of wildlife. We do not just care about swans and their plight, but all wildfowl who share the same lake as this “native” species.

Birds are not racist in their acceptance of food from a diverse community that this council actively promotes- yet isn’t it strange that such an authority tries to stop the one thing that actually unites the whole of the community in an act of selfless compassion towards the birds by feeding them? This is something that their paid self elected “community leader” shills  could never achieve in their MBE awarded lifetimes.

One bird at the Victoria park site, a cross breed who we knew as “Alfie”  had lived there as resident for at least 15 years. He is missed by many people who ask where he has gone. I have of course told them, and also who killed him.


This is not “Alfie” but the nearest we could find. RIP poor little Alfie



So along with our name drop, we call on all those who care and feed birds, including the substantial Hindu community who live in Tividale and Oldbury to boycott future Sandwell council run events in protest at this MURDEROUS action, and their misappropriation of taxpayers money for their invented complaints about geese.

We also ask that as it appears that the 220 were killed on Sandwell property, most likely Forge Mill Farm, that you boycott going to The Sandwell park farm and Forge Mill farm. Use the entrance fee towards buying some corn for the birds, that can be bought much more cheaply in a local pet shop than they sell it for there.

We have now set up a new website dealing with the Canada geese issue in Sandwell

It also has a facebook page.

We are  organising two petitions to condemn this senseless slaughter and call on this council to never again resort to such drastic and ignorant action, where alternative methods of solving an issue to what they and a vocal minority of people see as “a problem” being repeated.

Please sign the petition to stop Sandwell council slaughtering Canada geese.

The Sandwell petition for those who live or work in Sandwell is being widely circulated and we need your help here if you fit this criteria, to call on a senior council officer to give evidence under scrutiny for this unnecessary evil action.

Flyers, education, Direct Action to follow.

We will not forget our fallen comrades at Victoria park Tipton, and Dartmouth park West Bromwich, and we will never forgive those who brought this about. Their time will come.







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